Mountain Dew. And Listen.


Here we are:

One thing I remember of my childhood  – out of many the memories I have – mountain dew in a glass bottle. Or Pepsi. On Main Street.  Old ‘Merica.

Craft fairs, fireworks, parades.  4th of July.  Memorial  Day.  Sitting on a curb in perfect safety.  Quaffing Mountain Dew or Pepsi.  In that glass bottle.  For maybe 50 cents or so.

I remember hair-cuts at the Barbers too.  Lol.  In the corner, there would be a radio.   With this guy.  So there.

People fought and died for that.   For what we have.  Yet, we forget…. .  This precious place on earth, so help me God.  America.

My mother was aghast, as I drank two, or more.  She lost track of me.  Heh heh.   We were allowed to roam.  Cannot do that now.  Not these days.

During that time, remember as well, learning reverence for the judiciary.  For honor.  For country.  The latter meant something.  Something.  Societal mores, and values.   Hmm?

I remember, “our father, who art in heaven…”.

I was actually taught that society had mores, and norms.  In public school woud’ja know!

Values.  That there was good.  Public school. Those days, we said the pledge in front of the flag.  Every day.  Every morning, at school, in front of the school.  Hand over heart.  Can you imagine that!?

And that stopped.

You talked to a disabled vet lately?

These days, well, I have no quarry with my relatives that home-schooled their children.   I understand.  I would do the same.  For sure.

That, is a statement.

We will never have our country back.  What we grew up with.  Nevermore.  Understand.   I Understand.  Things change.   But we can stand.  And not go in circles.

We can stand and do what needs to be done.

God Bless Us.

Pass the mountain dew.

Or Bury Us In Dust.

btw, Paul Harvey was a liberal.  But He was Good.