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O Canada: Gun Confiscation.

Emergency personnel, including the Mounties, did "a remarkable job" overall responding to the natural disaster in the initial days, according to a new report from the RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission.
(Jordan Verlage/Canadian Press)


h/t: NYC2AZ at Think Gun Confiscation Couldn’t Happen Here?/TTAG

More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rcmp-watchdog-raps-mounties-over-high-river-gun-seizures-during-2013-flood-1.2954483

The Case for Closing Borders, continues.



So many feel that closing borders – limiting travel – won’t make a difference with Ebola.  Canada, since limiting travelers from West Africa has been criticized:

That move was slammed Wednesday by Dr. Margaret Chan, the director general of the World Health Organization, who said closing borders will not stop spread of the Ebola virus.

“I understand the fear in the community, but the fear factor is way too high and out of proportion to the risk,” Chan told Bloomberg News in an interview. “No evidence exists to support the effectiveness of travel bans as a protective measure.”

We’re not debating the existence of unicorns here.  We don’t have the difficulty in proving a negative.  I know this common-sense-obvious-to-everyman-800-pound-gorilla-elephant-in-the-room fact: Thomas Duncan came from West Africa.  He then infected two of his nurses who have thankfully recovered.  What happens when we have not one Duncan, but more.  5, 50 or 500?

It goes without saying, as the number of infections in afflicted countries increases, so does the possibility that a person with Ebola will carry it here.

“So we had two exports in the first 2000 patients,” Frieden said in a recent interview. “Now we’re going to have 20,000 cases, how many exports are we going to have?

Imperfect as they are, travel limitations are but one tool in the toolbox.  And ignorance of evidence is evidence of ignorance.

WHO’s Friday numbers. 

UPDATED: State files for court order to force quarantine.


Maine Governor’s patience wears thin, CDC Obola flunky Kaci Hickox slapped with quarantine order:




And a Democratic Judge then reverses himself:

(Judge)LaVerdiere, who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maine and a law degree from the UMaine School of Law, was appointed district court judge in 2003 by former Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat and then reappointed in 2010 to a second 7-year term.

Before that, he was an attorney in Wilton in Franklin County and a three-term Democratic state representative from 1996-2002. He also previously served on the board of trustees of Franklin County Hospital.

More or less, the order previously issued remains, but is modified to allow Hickox freedom to travel.  Ok.  We see this often from our judiciary – LaVerdiere “split the baby,” as they say, and compromised.  In his pronouncement, Judge LaVerdiere went on to say:

“(Hickox) should understand that the court is fully aware of the misconceptions, misinformation, bad science and bad information being spread from shore to shore in our country with respect to Ebola,” the judge wrote. “The court is fully aware that people are acting out of fear and that this fear is not entirely rational.

“However, whether that fear is rational or not, it is present and it is real. (Hickox’s) actions at this point, as a health care professional, need to demonstrate her full understanding of human nature and the real fear that exists.

“She should guide herself accordingly.”

Hell yes people are afraid – this problem, Ebola, has a more than 50% mortality rate.  This is not the flu.  In other news, we learn that Canada, following Australia, effectively closes its borders to West Africans and those who have traveled from West Africa.  With exceptions.  I suppose they acted irrationally?

David Soley, one of Hickox’s attorney, called LaVerdiere’s oral decision, “very beautiful and moving.”

Pass me a tissue.  I think I’m tearing up…. .

Give me a break.

I understand it is said that Ebola is not transmitted from an asymptomatic carrier.  But wait for the next nurse Hickox to appear, stamp her feet, whine about personal liberty, challenge the system with some political agenda – and then actually come down with Ebola.  After possibly infecting how many others.

God Bless Canada.

1414099945723_Image_galleryImage_Dogs_peek_out_from_under_(Image, AP)

I have many memories of Canada.  Growing up in the Detroit area, traveling to Windsor, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, camping, fishing, canoeing in the great Canadian wilds… .  Unlike our southern neighbor, they don’t have cartel wars, their masses don’t clamor to cross our borders, and their leaders don’t slam whatever measures some here may take to address their failures.

Canada is like the uncle you actually like to see at Thanksgiving dinner.  Dependable.  Calm.  Stable.

They also have a realistic take on domestic terrorism.  They don’t call events there over the last week “workplace violence.”  They don’t hedge on comments related to that terror.   They tell it like it is.

Our current administration should take note.  Wait, I forgot: Obama is irrelevant.

Two more years of this nonsense.