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On being alarmist about Ebola.

Fa19eONNot alarmist.  Concerned.  Just as each and every one of you – I think there may be three that follow my limited commentary – should be.

We get more than eight or nine cases in this Country, we are going to have problems.  We have had three cases really – Duncan and then two nurses he infected.  The others were brought here by the government.  Which is fine, they recovered, and if I was working overseas to help quell the fire that burns in West Africa and got Ebola, I too would prefer to be in an intensive care unit here in the US.  I would thank my luck for that, being here rather than in some backwater in Africa.  And now as opposed to six months from now.

What happens when we get multiple breakouts and cases, more than one West African in Texas – say we have multiples in more than one metropolis?  I fear we will be in trouble.  Its already been predicted, up to 130 cases by January, here, in the US.  Circumstances of how those cases came here aside…. .

One Thomas Duncan comes here, and shacks up with his extended family some of whom are here illegally perhaps?  Could happen.  Will they go to a medical provider while they are not shedding the virus, not asymptomatic?  No.  Of course not.  After they feel run-down and start being symptomatic?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  While that occurs, will they – can they – pass it along?  Yes.  CDC data says yes, if you believe it.  Will they have contact with who knows how many others during that time?  Yes.  During that time they will use public transportation, go shopping here and there, go to their place of employment and have contact with untold numbers of others, all of whom have to be traced and all of whom have to be isolated?  Yes.  If their families get infected, including any children, won’t those children will go to schools, day-care, etc?

To those that say you can’t get Ebola from casual contact:  First, do you want to chance it (that is alarmist perhaps, but the CDC has waffled on that liklihood), and Second, is there a difference between airborne viruses – bacteria really, turberculosis comes to mind – and that which can be transmitted via contact?  Studies show that Ebola can survive on a surface.  We know we are to wash our hands and not touch our faces when out and about during flu season.

Do we have symptomatic carriers out and about, and who seek to conceal the fact?  Its already happened.  Duncan was one.  Dr. Craig Spencer was, IMHO, in denial, and is another.

The more cases we get abroad, the greater likelihood we have of breakouts in this country.  That is statistics.  Nothing will absolutely ensure that cases don’t import here.  But tightening controls at the border, denying entry for those that have been to these countries, checking temperatures at entry points, quickly isolating and imposing quarentines and tracking contacts help.  Yes.  But when will the system fail?

Go to any busy ER lately?  How long will anyone sick with Ebola sit in that ER before isolation?  How many will be truthful when there?  How many may avoid going there for fear of immigration issues?  Can whatever facility they go to handle that patient (patients)?  Its bigger than that.  How many cases of enterovirus have been imported here because of the current administrations lax immigration policies?  (Read my other posts).  What happens then if Ebola gets any foothold in Mexico City, Caracas, or Guatemala City?  There will be a flight from the afflicted area.  To here.  To the good ol’ US of A.

We are lucky, with the capability of our medical professionals in this Country.  Our system has its limits though.  As does society.  We are not immune to this disease just because we feel we have the best healthcare available.  Or because we are ‘Mericans.  We are not immune from stigma, unrest, and the economic upheaval that will happen if this “problem” breaks out in New York, Atlanta, DC, or any other large metropolis.

We are not going to just “deal with it” if that happens.

So, take care of yourselves and consider how you might prepare and make the best of it.  If this thing burns out in West Africa and we are alright, well, alright.  I am happy to be wrong.

I think we will be, ultimately, alright.  But I question our current leadership.

(Disclaimer: I smoke, drink and eat too much fast food.  I am content to be a fat-and-happy-‘merican dying of heart or lung disease.  I don’t want to die of Ebola.  Ebola is not the same as dying of cirrhosis, emphysema, or clogged arteries.  That’s it.  Obama still reaches over the sneeze-shield.  Like a weirdo).

[steps off of soap-box and kicks it away].

CDC Chief Says 2nd Nurse With Ebola Should Not Have Flown

HT_amber_vinson_frontier_jef_141016_16x9_992(Image/Tony Dejak/AP Photo|Akron Public Schools)

No, she shouldn’t have.  Yet she did.  No common sense there.

Cleared to fly by the CDC, but the family has to monitor themselves.  Oh, and stay away from campus.  And the places she went are closed.  And just as an extra precaution, lets close some schools too.

University officials were requesting that Ms. Vinson’s family remain off campus for the next 21 days, and monitor themselves for illness, as per the protocol for Ebola from the CDC.

Akron Councilwoman Tara Mosley-Samples said she is good friends with Ms. Vinson’s mother, Debra Berry, who she said works at Kent State.

Ms. Vinson had been returning home frequently in recent months to plan for her wedding, Ms. Mosley-Samples said, and her mother was especially happy about the upcoming wedding and talked about it all the time.

“She is such a good kid,” Ms. Mosley-Samples said, growing emotional. “She is also a very intelligent and responsible young lady. I have a hard time believing they told her not to travel. Otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten on that plane.”


Come on.  You care for Duncan, patient zero, and the next thing you do is get on a plane?  While you don’t feel well?  Go and possibly infect family members three states away?  Try on wedding dresses?

If I were the groom to be, I might have second thoughts.

Bridezilla anyone?

CDC director Frieden: Second case of Ebola in US result of ‘breach of protocol’

CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, speaks at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta    (Image/wmur.com)

Anybody else hear the constant coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, other places in West Africa, and Texas, and Spain, etc., and wonder why the hell the Government is not doing more, or at least preparing to do more?

The answer is that they are incompetent, unprepared, ignorant, or, all of those.

The Raconteur Report, has it right.

As all of us have watched aghast, for over a week, as public officials have screwed up virtually every component of the arrival to our shores of Ebola….

And person after person knows in about 1 second what to do, but nobody in authority wants to talk about it, and the media cheerfully glosses over it.

And the solution is blazingly simple:


Raconteur has been covering its thoughts on Ebola for a while.  And I fear all of what he says is entirely plausible.  Possible.  Likely.

Of course at this point, we have heard, “Hey, Ebola is not airborne…you can’t get it from airborne contact…”.  Is this direct enough for you?:


Or been in an unclean most any bathroom?

How about just touching the Ebola-carrier’s skin?  Mmm?  Not worried?

Sure, confine yourself in an enclosed any area  – airport terminal, airplane, bus – any public transportation – an elevator, public restrooms/bathrooms – with another who is sick, but all bets are off.

How about this – “Oh, we’ll just gear up and all is well, we’ll be protected.”  Tell that to Thomas Duncan’s Nurse in Dallas.  And everybody else she came in contact with.  And all of those they came in contact with.  And on and on.

The CDC itself acknowledges that there could be up to 1.4 million cases by January.  Right now, there are about 8000 cases in Africa alone.

I hope that Obama attends his briefings at least on this one.  Don’t think that will be enough though.

Update: 2nd Dallas medical provider flew on airliner on 13th of October. . Were they not all said to be under observation ?
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but understand, if this thing gets out of hand – and it could – you’re on your own.

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