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Governor Reagan, 1969.

Buckshot probably not the best choice by the CHP, but Reagan’s comments to the press at the end of this clip certainly set the record straight.

So, lessee, has Hillary or Obama said anything regarding today’s riots….?

Nope.  Not that I can see.  Big surprise.

Stay Classy Obama. Stay Classy.

….did not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral.  Wow.

ABC_First_ladies_funeral_1_er_160311_4x3_992Instead, he apparently went to the South by Southwest Festival.  How nice for him.

President Barack Obama will not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday, opting instead to speak at a festival in Austin, Texas.

South by Southwest — an annual music, tech, and film gathering — announced last week that Obama would be the keynote speaker on March 11, and that Michelle Obama was scheduled to speak on March 16. It’s the first time in the festival’s 30-year history that a sitting president and first lady have participated.

Jerk.  Not unexpected.

Reagan. (Language Alert).

1402063701000-AP-Reagan-Memorial2Ya Know, the liberals, the really uninformed and rabid ones, really trashed the passing of the better half of the Reagan marriage.  That’s of note.  Says something for society.

Nancy Reagan had nary a bad-bone in her body.  Was devoted, loyal, and to the end, supported her husband.  She did have the president’s ear, during his terms.  Hmm.




Reagan’s OMB head: Wealth inequality is a problem…


…But not for the reason you may think.. .


“We’ve had two huge bubbles that collapsed already in this century,” he said. “When this third bubble collapses—and surely it will—I believe that will be the day of reckoning. The credibility of all this central-bank-dominated, Wall-Street-coddling policy will be totally repudiated, and maybe then we can clean the slate and start over.”