Saint Joseph Lighthouse, Frozen.

I can almost see my old house.   It was fun to watch the snow, but very cold sometimes.  And you could go out there when it was that icy, but it was dangerous.  Not that I personally know, firsthand… .


Family Horrified at Assault Rifle Delivery. Not.


Oh, the Horror!

Wish UPS would deliver to my house.   (Of course I would return it….).

In any event, some family was reportedly “horrified” when UPS mistakenly delivered an “assault rifle” to their home in New York.

Another example of the left and left-media hyping up a narrative to suit their purpose – it was not an assault rifle.  The rifle (oh, but wait, if it was dark colored and evil looking, with a “shoulder thingy that goes up…“) was apparently a bolt-action rifle.   Or worse, that it was – OMG – A BARRETT 50 CALIBER SEMI AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE!?!

IMG_0483Yet media outlets reporting the story are using stock images to pander their story.  As seen here, here and here.3228899603_d621237696_o

This, is a link to what may be the actual rifle.   Not only is media hyping this story, but apparently, the guy who received it in error was not that much “horrified:”

“Wow, I should have kept the sucker,” said Joel Berman, 66.

So, “Horrified Couple receives assault rifle”  becomes “Horrified Couple receives rifle”, becomes “Couple receives rifle.  And Liberal Media Sucks.”

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Obama Defends on Russia… .

….says it was handled.

Really?  They guy can hardly handle getting a doctor.

And then, Michelle.  Poor Michelle.  So despondent.  Feels hopeless.  Gloomy even.

In a glowing assessment of her husband’s tenure, Mrs Obama likened him to the calming parent of the panicked toddler nation.

I donno.  I feel pretty good not having Hillary in office.

But comparing the public to some bunch of toddlers?  Good grief.