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Sneaky. Very Sneaky.

Or, why I don’t like pruning in the garden… .

Credit – Copyright, FGB.
Credit – Copyright, FGB.
Credit – Copyright, FGB.

Spiders?!?  Where?!

Golden silk orb-weaver

Sounds really nice.  Until you get one on your face:

Above my head on hiking trail
Still not far enough away.

IMG_0350IMG_0347Reportedly, they are tasty:

In the South Pacific, females of N. maculata are induced to build webs on bamboo frames, which are then used as fish nets. The natives also relish the gravid females as a protein supplement, eating them either raw or roasted. Different reports say that the flavor is somewhat like mixed raw potato and lettuce mixed, or nutty flavored like peanut butter with a sticky consistency (Robinson and Robinson 1976).

I’ll take mine with Raid please.