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Some think George Zimmerman a hero.

201300012785At the Christian Science Monitor: 

“George Zimmerman, who became a folk hero to some after he beat a murder rap in the killing of an unarmed black teenager, has been ordered to surrender his weapons after being arrested for a third time for domestic violence.”

Last year, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough noted, “There’s a certain faction of the American political system that has embraced George Zimmerman as a hero. I said from day one, during the trial, that it was going to be hard to convict this man. That doesn’t mean that many on the far right need to embrace this man ….”

I haven’t seen any “faction” that embraced Zimmerman as a hero.  Or a poster-child for our 2nd Amendment Right.  Nonetheless, the story at CSM continues:

“To be sure, the popularity of Zimmerman among some Americans has been difficult to navigate, particularly on the American right.

News that the state no longer trusts Zimmerman with firearms raised concern among some about his ability to defend himself against enemies. In the “Armed America Radio” interview, Zimmerman reported that he still gets death threats and noted that there was no expiration on the “wanted: dead or alive” posters created by some of his critics.”

There is a lot Zimmerman could have done different on that rainy night in Florida in 2012, as a concealed permit holder, and more.  That horse has been beat. He was acquitted of course, and rightfully so.

Fact is, Courts in Florida have wide discretion during pending cases as to whether or not Defendants/Respondents need surrender weapons.  In general, you don’t have to surrender your firearms if there is no final adjudication.  If there is, no guns for you.  Federal law.  The Court’s can impose restrictions on the right to have firearms pre-adjudication, say in the context of a temporary domestic violence injunction or with pending criminal charges.  There are controversies in that at present and Zimmerman did not dodge the law in that respect after his last DV arrest(s).  In 2013, the Court was ultimately convinced he could keep his guns.  But that’s not really the point:

Zimmerman needs protection.  From himself.  Perhaps stop dating crazy women too.  Or both.

If neither, he should carefully consider his position as a poster-child for the left. 


Michelle Obama, Americans ‘Take For Granted’ what Barack has Done for U.S.

Michelle-obama-eating-like-a-pigOver at tpnn.com:

“Just think about how different our country looks to children growing up today,” she said. “Think about how our kids take for granted that a black person or a woman can be President of the United States.”
What her comments unintentionally echoed, however, were the scathing remarks offered by ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore recently who claimed that Obama has achieved nothing more than simply having been the first black president.

(credit/greg campbell)

I could dust off my BS in Political Science, and think of many things that Obama has failed at that show a lack of leadership skill and ability… .  But I’ll leave that to others. 

Count me as one of those “taking for granted” on the good, and bad.  Sadly, it seems the good list is shorter.  In my humble opinion, Michelle, living in her cocoon, is not in a position to offer a credible or accurate opinion.

US Navy does things we never think about.

I am struck by what a responsibility this detail is.  A contrast in how to do, and perhaps how not to do.  Nonetheless, you have to respect that which they do.



Hat-tip to the Navy.  Yeah, if you lose the chain and anchor, well, that is right out funny.  Something You Will Tell your Children About.

And yes, the loss could have been avoided, but thank God for those that guard us while we sleep.