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How to React to a Shooter?

maxresdefaultRun, Hide, or Fight:

We now know that mass shootings can occur anywhere, anytime. They can occur in churches, schools, nightclubs, and at holiday parties. They can occur at 2 in the morning and they can occur in the middle of the day. What would be your response if confronted?

Of course, fighting is perhaps easier if you have your wits about you and you are lawfully armed.

Here’s how to sound off on Obama’s newest anti-gun plan

seniorgunbanFrom WND and GOA –

The fight over the Second Amendment and gun rights in America probably hasn’t been more intense in the last 10 years than it is right now, in the wake of a Muslim using a rifle and a handgun to kill at least 49 people at a “gay” bar in Florida over the weekend.

And coincidentally, Gun Owners of America is noting that right now, Americans have an opportunity to sound off to their own government about Barack Obama’s newest gun restriction proposal.

“Barack Obama understands it is the Second Amendment community that has destroyed his legacy,” the organization explains. “And now, like a rabid dog, he is lashing out in an effort to destroy as many law-abiding gun owners as possible.”

His newest plan would be to abruptly take Second Amendment rights away from a vast class of Social Security and government benefit recipients – anyone with help managing their government benefits and a wide range of other individuals.

The change would make it a crime, instantly, for those individuals to have guns.



Democrats Yap for 15 hours on Senate Floor… .

_89993608_033505378Ohhh, ban people on the watch list from buying guns!  Good idea!

It may seem like a good idea – but think about this for just a minute:

So, gang-members, muggers, terror-mongers, any grade of criminal, they follow the law and register their guns, yeah?  They’re going to go to a gun-store and buy their weapons?  Submit a 4473?

You want to go and try to obtain or make explosives, or, another example, grain alcohol, with some nefarious intent, and you’re going to apply for a permit?  Don’t think so.


What about law-abiding contributing and paying citizenry like – I assume – you and I?  Why are we allowing any more control, any more regulation on our rights?

Know-nothing, useless, pointless regulation and rule-making which won’t make a difference or have any effect.  Politics.

And of course the GOP, they agreed to allow votes on gun control.   I would have just left the building.   Conservative leadership is non-existent folks.  They’re politicians and they are selling their constituents out.   Politics.

Bill of Rights?  Anyone read it lately?


Man pulls BB gun on Officers at Appleby’s.

James D. Bushey pulled a BB gun on two officers.

Why?  Who knows.  Two officers, both with body-cams:

But he reached room temperature quickly.

According to KLTV.com:

Officers were told that the suspect had stolen beer from the store, and left the premises, heading toward Applebee’s Restaurant, at 2225 S. Loop 256. Officers searched the area, and eventually found Bushey, who had been hiding in the men’s restroom in the restaurant.

“The subject was escorted out of the restaurant, where officers attempted to identify him. The subject then displayed a black pistol, and pointed it at officers,” said Mike Alexander, Palestine chief of police. “Officers attempted to gain control of the subject, but he pulled away and again pointed the weapon at officers, at which time both officers drew their weapons and fired upon the suspect, striking him multiple times.”


HT Fil

FlaGunBlog has to have something about guns, right? Here ya go…. .

Went to a nice range in Jacksonville Florida recently some time ago…. .  Actually, Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club.

Their Website:  www.grpc-jax.com

Did not want to hat-tip them specifically, but they have a nice set up.  Go check out your own local ranges, or them.

We were shooting a friend’s Socom M1.  Here we are set up and ready to go:

photo 1(2)photo 1(1)Boom!  Anyway, here is my target at ~50 yards.  I am not a very good shot:

photo 3(1)

The M1 did not like softpoints:

photo 2(1)

My FIL did a little better (Edit- he may very well be watching – a lot better):

photo 2And me at ~100 yards:


photo 3Lesson:  The M1 was heavy and expensive to run these days – but I still want one.  Why not?  If you can’t score one via any private market, go to CMP – and you don’t need a souped-up socom to have fun and shoot:


Check them out.  Or not.

Misc Gun Link Dump….

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