Misc Gun Link Dump….

Surprise, FPS Russia is not Russian.  I knew that all along.  Seriously.  Serious!;


This guy shoots and has no hands;


Sons of Guns.  Is that show still on?;


Shooting with both eyes open; 


And finally, the Chinese invented toilet paper.  Good to know;


And yes, by popular demand, we have raft-cat;





2 thoughts on “Misc Gun Link Dump….”

  1. FGB, have Mrs FGB read the beretta shooting tips all the way thru the comments to get a handle on shooting left eye dominant. It might help her. Glad to see you’re back on the job/blog.


    1. Yes, it is important to get any new shooter comfortable first. And then introduce them to the “which eye is dominant” concept. Gotta get them to the range for sure.
      That article is a good read though.


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