Julie Bosman, NYT reporter who drops dime on Darren Wilson’s address, is scared.


Apparently Ms. Bosman (pictured) has been calling her local police as she feels harassed after revealing officer Wilson’s address in her employers rag, the New York Times Slimes. She reports that she has been contacted, harassed, and even receives anon deliveries to her home.

Links to Bosman’s irresponsible article here.

That’s too bad, if true.

The fact remains, she did reveal just enough to put Wilson in great danger.

Her employer later defended her in publishing Wilson’s home address saying that it was revealed back in August. I’m not buying it.

Even if Wilson’s address was revealed back then, that was before the juries no-bill and resulting riots. After Wilson’s attorney wisely counseled him to stay off the beat. After the guy remained in hiding for the last many months. After the “black rebels” offered a reward for Wilson’s location – not Ms. Bosman’s motivation – the Brown family themselves incited the masses (“…burn this bitch down…”) and 2200 members of the national guard were called out.

Bosman and the Times are wrong, obviously. Or they live in a left-wing fairyland, a place where liberals of their type think nothing of what could happen with irresponsible reporting. A place where they can push a liberal agenda. Or both.

This, in a time when one can, with only a name and city, utilize resources to easily see – and publish- the personal details of another. Down to the cars they drive, the vin numbers and plates, names of spouses, phone numbers, properties they own, professional licenses, voting affiliation, and all of the above on all of that persons adult children, siblings, cousins, parents, grandparents and more.

With maps.

The irony.

Campbell Robertson also co-reported with Bosman in the article revealing Wilson’s address.

CCI Ammo found in the wild!



Or, proof of life!

At the local Walmart, thanks to FIL. We went back today on a whim & of course, lightning doesn’t strike twice. The clerk did say that on “Black Friday” they put out 22,000 rounds (!) which were gone, in a flash.

A good “real-time” ammo availability tracking site:




Ferguson. A live feed. And a Shame.

ferguson-mo-back-offI am listening to live feeds from scanner traffic from Ferguson, and have reviewed alleged witness accounts, images, and media reports for the last three months.  Taking all of those for what they are worth, I may compile something, soon, as I have strong feelings on this matter.

This grand jury made their decision on all evidence that was presented.  They did their job.  A good job.

I understand the Grand Jury Process.  I support the Grand Jury Decision.  As I hear this decision, I hear reports of shots fired, things thrown, fires, I hear reports of windows being broken out, burglar alarms, looting, robberies and drive byes.  Shameful.  On the part of the protesters.  Looting at your local Walgreens, Family Dollar, and CVS, to name a few.  Somebody having a legitimate medical condition, a heart attack, that is trapped by a mob.

And now, I hear of shots fired at the Ferguson PD too.

I will put my attorney hat on later, but just wish to point out the silliness danger of the common mob.  Protect yourself and stay away from crowds of course.

In the context of this ridiculous scenario, liberal media to blame with their blood-dancing and support for protesters ridiculous “rules of engagement.”  As well, Holder, and Obama, for saying that this chaos only invites broader dialogue between law enforcement and those in his agenda.

Just listen to Obama’s speech this evening, and listen to the above feed, as I did.  You will understand.

Oh, and Chris Cuomo from CNN just got tear gassed.  That makes me happy.


Rainy Day Crock Pot… .

A rainy day today… .

photoPerfect for feel-good food.

photo 1Arrange Pork Ribs on their ends, standing up.  Use a wire rack to keep them up, or even an old pot pie or small bread tin.  Oil the sides of the crock pot where the Ribs contact the porcelain.

photo 2Pile on the fixin’s: Roughly cut onions and potatoes are in order – you want them to cook with the pork, not reduce into soup.

photo 3Season as you like.  Rosemary, sea salt, pepper, and curry here.  I was going to slather these with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, but was over-ruled.

Cook for five hours and you’re done.


Arthur the stray dog.

236A165700000578-0-image-6_1416751524088(Image source – Daily Mail).

Exhausted, covered in mud and desperately hungry, a team of Swedish athletes sat down for a meal as they prepared to take on a dangerous 20-mile trek through the Ecuadorian rainforest.

As they opened their canned meat Mikael Lindnord noticed a scruffy, miserable stray dog staring at him out of the corner of his eye.

Feeling sorry for him, he fed the dog a meatball and thought nothing of it, but as the team stood up to continue their race the animal started to follow them – and he didn’t stop.

“Who me? You want me to trek through jungle and mud? Sh-yeah. As if… .

And I can hardly get my dog off the floor…. .

photo 4
OMG, OMG! A Rain-Drop touched me!

Murdered because they weren’t Muslim.

The 1st Amendment is important:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

But one graphic reminder of why the 2nd is more so:

23680A9100000578-2845198-image-90_1416687267631Gun control advocates can wail and gnash their teeth about 2nd Amendment rights and gun violence in this Country.  Our founders meant for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights to protect us from potentially dangerous central and state government.

But the world is a violent place, and a disarmed populace is vulnerable.  And not only to its own government.