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Power Outage Strikes Detroit… .

Reminds me of that old Pat Travers song – “Boom Boom, out go the lights!”


Anyway, an old and antiquated system, and we don’t need terrorists or any solar flare to knock us off-grid.  This is the state of things in many areas of the country.  In Detroit, this type of thing happens more often than you’d think.

Hopefully the EBT system is still working, right?  If not, lookout… !

I’m surprised anyone was around to notice.









God Bless Canada.

1414099945723_Image_galleryImage_Dogs_peek_out_from_under_(Image, AP)

I have many memories of Canada.  Growing up in the Detroit area, traveling to Windsor, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, camping, fishing, canoeing in the great Canadian wilds… .  Unlike our southern neighbor, they don’t have cartel wars, their masses don’t clamor to cross our borders, and their leaders don’t slam whatever measures some here may take to address their failures.

Canada is like the uncle you actually like to see at Thanksgiving dinner.  Dependable.  Calm.  Stable.

They also have a realistic take on domestic terrorism.  They don’t call events there over the last week “workplace violence.”  They don’t hedge on comments related to that terror.   They tell it like it is.

Our current administration should take note.  Wait, I forgot: Obama is irrelevant.

Two more years of this nonsense.








Don’t Get Out of the Car. UPDATE

bildeFrom the Detroit Free Press:

Derek Flemming’s widow says her husband was only trying to protect her and others when he stepped out of their SUV earlier this week at a traffic light near Howell to confront another motorist — only to be shot dead.

Road rage is always unnecessary, but once this man left his car, he made a very poor choice.


UPDATE:  The shooter states through his attorney that they will claim self-defense.  That should be quite a feat.  Glad I don’t have to bear that top-hat and cane. 


(Image/ Detroit Free Press)