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Pretty Cool.

Pence steps out at the 38th Parallel:

…I like Pence.   I also feel that talks should occur, whether in Conference Row, or elsewhere.   Perhaps not now, but soon.  Not sure if NK would entertain talks, given their hermit state extremism,  that China seems less supportive, etc.

But then, apparently two more carriers are steaming there.   So, we may see if NK carries out their threats today on weekly rocket launches.

Lots of material not in popular media.  Even that footage of Pence on the DMZ, from CNN, not shown.

Russia and US at war, Cyberwar. Or More.

1 a….and a proxy in Syria… .

Not the first time, but interesting.  The US public play’s pokemon and dither around with a Hillary or Trump presidency, and Russians are actually preparing for war with the West:

Russia holds massive nuclear war exercise involving 40MILLION people as military tensions rise with US

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I understand little of it, but its pretty interesting:

Kapersky has an equally fascinating program:


(Image/ Norse, IPViking Live)

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Detente 2.0?

B61-Project-39_small-660x440“If I can drive down the yield, drive down, therefore, the likelihood of fallout, etc., does that make it more usable in the eyes of some – some president or national security decision-making process?”


Unfortunately, fortunately, that is the point.  As discomforting as that is.


Could Russia be preparing for a preemptive nuclear strike on the US? Part 1