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Range Day, Finally!

Ahh, its been a long cold slog through winter.  Lots of work and responsibility.  Finally, as the buds start to peek out, flowers start flowering, and peepers start peeping, the weather starts to warm.  We have a long weekend…. .  Spring has sprung, and that’s an opportunity to go to the Range.  Enjoy!

Note well – Phil is on lane 11, I am on 12. His target on the left, mine on the right… .

Range looks good.  Not too crowded.  Bright warm and sunny.  Of course, not everyone had Friday off…. .

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FlaGunBlog has to have something about guns, right? Here ya go…. .

Went to a nice range in Jacksonville Florida recently some time ago…. .  Actually, Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club.

Their Website:  www.grpc-jax.com

Did not want to hat-tip them specifically, but they have a nice set up.  Go check out your own local ranges, or them.

We were shooting a friend’s Socom M1.  Here we are set up and ready to go:

photo 1(2)photo 1(1)Boom!  Anyway, here is my target at ~50 yards.  I am not a very good shot:

photo 3(1)

The M1 did not like softpoints:

photo 2(1)

My FIL did a little better (Edit- he may very well be watching – a lot better):

photo 2And me at ~100 yards:


photo 3Lesson:  The M1 was heavy and expensive to run these days – but I still want one.  Why not?  If you can’t score one via any private market, go to CMP – and you don’t need a souped-up socom to have fun and shoot:


Check them out.  Or not.