Range Day, Finally!

Ahh, its been a long cold slog through winter.  Lots of work and responsibility.  Finally, as the buds start to peek out, flowers start flowering, and peepers start peeping, the weather starts to warm.  We have a long weekend…. .  Spring has sprung, and that’s an opportunity to go to the Range.  Enjoy!

Note well – Phil is on lane 11, I am on 12. His target on the left, mine on the right… .

Range looks good.  Not too crowded.  Bright warm and sunny.  Of course, not everyone had Friday off…. .

We’re setting up today at 7 yards.  I am not a good shot anyway.  And though I need the practice for sure, I also want to keep my ego intact, as I am shooting today with Phil.  Hmm.

IMG_0035First up, a mystery.   Over the holidays, I got a Taurus 85 for Significant Other.   This is its first time at the range and we intend to put perhaps 100 rounds or so through it.

IMG_0038Unpacked and ready to go, we’ve also got the Beretta 92 I picked up over the holidays.  We’re going to be shooting that for the first time as well.

Winchester White Box 9mm Luger.

Still setting up.  Did I mention how nice it is just to be outside?  We took our time at the range, just because.

Saw this peeking out at me as we were loading…. . Shoulda slipped it to Phil’s box… .

Quality Control Winchester!

IMG_0058 IMG_0040Action!

Phil shooting both the Beretta and the Taurus… .

IMG_0067These little wheel-guns get pretty dirty… .

IMG_0063My target.  I need more practice…. .

IMG_0062IMG_0069IMG_0068Phil’s targets.


So, to review:

Both the Taurus and the Beretta are fun.  After 100 rounds in the Taurus, my hands hurt.  I think we may have to acquire something a bit more manageable for SO though… .

The Taurus is a nice close-in shooter.   Grips are a little small, but its a tiny light-weight gun, built for concealment.

Both had no failures.  Not a big surprise there.

The Beretta was a nice acquisition.  Yes, its old-school – slippery grips and fixed sights.  But a great deal for under 300 dollars.  It shot well – little recoil, easy to point, easy trigger pull.

IMG_0036IMG_0065Another oddity – used to be the range would care less about brass, it would simply get swept aside.  Now, you practically trip over the staff as they clamor to take it.  I guess their policy is, if it hits the ground its theirs.  Did not like that.  Not at all.



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