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Dog No Like Sweater.

Scarface, the dog.

So, yeah.   Putting  a sweater on the dog, probably not a great idea.   Not this particular dog anyway.  Maybe he did not like the color.

See, generally, handling your dog – putting a sweater on it – clipping its nails, cleaning its ears, teeth, etc., that’s got to be generally accepted by a dog, large breed or not.  This dog was not well-trained and likely thought that it was a leader in that “pack.”

636189516386689365-pitap-pit-bulls-rescuedThe dogs name, was Scarface.

Apparently, the dog had been adopted, and was only with the family for a month.  

Ban dogs!

Not Scarface. Upset because the pants don’t match?



Saw this yesterday, thought it would be interesting to cook for new years day.   Apparently, its a southern thing – pork jowl with black eyed peas.  No peas for us.

Its going to be like the ox tail we did some time ago.

thumbnail_img_2907Instead, we braised the jowl in the broiler with red potatos, onions, etc., then put it in the crock pot for the day.   We shall see.

img_2918Not done yet, but cooking along… .



Enter the Lawyers…

No Swimming, Beware Alligators.

Disney rep says company plans to ‘thoroughly review’ alligator signage after attack

A tragedy it certainly was – an absolutely adorable 2-year old drowned by a gator – but you’re in Florida.  At an inland lake.  You have to assume there will be alligators, yes?

Heard this AM on Good Morning America – “What do you think people in Florida know about alligators that other people don’t?”

Media to the lowest common denominator.

Diggy, is not a Pit Bull.

Powerful snappy jaws, a wide maw of dangerous teeth, looks dangerous.

But how can you convince the “authority” of that if the Breed Ban is open vague interpretation by law enforcement?

From here:

So then what’s the problem? A loophole in the town allows police officers to essentially ban any dog they believe to be a pit bull at their personal discretion.

“This is the craziest ordinance you’ll ever hear in your life,” Millman-Rinaldi said, explaining that it allows a police officer or animal control officer to make a “visual determination” about whether or not a dog is a pit bull.

And the law says that determination can be based on criteria as vague and unscientific as the “personal and professional experience of the officer in having observed pit bull terriers in the past” — though research has shown that visual identifications of dog breeds, even by people experienced with dogs, are often wildly off base.

Sorry Diggy.