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New Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Regulation!


Photo courtesy: Florida Carry, Inc.

From thegunwriter.blogs.heraldtribune.com:

Richard Nascak, executive director of Florida Carry Inc., agrees. “The message here of course is that if Walmart wishes to not sell firearms or to limit ammo purchases, it is their prerogative as a private business to do so,” Nascak said. “But trying to hang responsibility on the state can only be the result of ignorance or intent, neither of which is acceptable.”

The manager now faces some type of discipline.  But I wonder, why would that manager make some sort of sign and then blame FWC…. .


Gun control; don’t regulate guns, regulate bullets

IMG_0072Sure, regulate bullets (not).  Just leave my ammo alone.


Of course this do-gooder misses the point – regulating ammo – ‘scuse me, “bullets” – won’t address her concerns.

If you’re going to write on an issue, and least try and be knowledgeable.  Because nobody ever abuses prescription medicine.  Overdoses, intentional or accidental, never happen anymore.  Pharmacies never get robbed.  And of course we won the war on drugs, didn’t we?



And The DemocRAT’s continue… .

10.pngAnother push, to now ban all center fire ammo?

My dad, just a few years ago, started hunting with a crossbow.  Maybe he was prescient.

Seriously though, we are being governed by those that don’t have a clue.  Absurd.  Off their rockers.






Your representative list is here.  Get to work.  Courtesy of GunBlogBlackList.  A great site.


Dems March Forward re M855 Ban… .

So, here they go, steadily legislating that which they do not understand. 10.png

“Any 5.56 round” is “a challenge for officer safety,” he said. Jones asked lawmakers to help in a review of a 1986 bill written to protect police from so-called “cop killer” rounds that largely exempted rifle ammo like the 5.56 because it has been used by target shooters, not criminals.

New worries.  Oh Boy.

Preaching to the choir of course, as none of them read this site certainly – but a ban on M855/5.56, becomes precedent to ban any center-fire carteridge.  Bet on it.  Bet the farm on it.  That is what is going to come if they rule-make in this fashion.

So, what to do.  Well, I donno.  You can comment – see other links for that and certainly do.  You can write your representatives – but with rare exception, they do little.  Both options, in this fight, are what must be done nonetheless.  But what else.  Again, I don’t know.

I do know doing something is better than doing nothing.  That, is why I say if you have any accessibility to your local political fixtures, senators, representatives, commissioners, mayors, and on and on:  start a discussion.  They are interested.  They will listen to you.  Well, at least here in the panhandle of Florida.

Engage with your representatives.






On the Futility of Micro-stamping.

Image, stolen from: Cheryl Senter for The New York Times

Mike McDaniel, at Stately McDaniel Manor, makes excellent arguments against micro-stamping – relevant as that case is being fought in California now:

So California has implemented a mandate requiring technology that either doesn’t exist or isn’t effective.  Progressives often legislate based on the way they think things ought to be rather than what they are, and this time, courts may have little choice but to strike down what is clearly nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at an outright ban on an entire class of clearly constitutionally protected handguns.  

We can only hope.  Because this law, signed by then Governor Schwarzenegger in 2007, is not about crime-fighting.

Now, where did I put my file….







More Ammo Availability, 225’s, 555’s and learning something new.

So, its Christmas time of course.  You never know when you may get to step out under the guise of Christmas shopping, and find yourself some good fortune… .

Went out to our local WalMart a couple of days ago, FIL and I.  As we were standing at the Ammo case, we longed for better days when .22 ammo was a-plenty.  Not a single box in sight… .

Me: “Well, no .22’s.  I guess I could get some of that 5.56 over there for a good deal (picture below – looks promising.  Israeli made, imported by Federal.  Odd head-stamp though).”

photo 3photo 4FIL:  [Sigh].  “Yep.  Guess so.”

A 3rd guy comes sauntering down the isle, about the same time a WW drone comes wandering by…from the opposite direction.

WW drone:  “You guys need anything?”

3rd guy:  “Yeah, I wanted some .22, you have any?”

WW drone: “Well, I got some 225’s in the back… .”  (225’s?)

FIL heard 225’s and I’m not sure what he thought, but he must not have heard the rest as he trudged away… .  I was not sure what 225’s were either, until 3rd guy asked,

3rd guy: “long rifle…?”

WW d: “yep.”

Drone then disappeared to get the mystery 225’s.  Those drones move pretty fast.  By then FIL was already at the end of the isle.  I am not sure whether it was selective hearing, being hard of hearing, or what, but suddenly it dawned on him.  Skittering back up to 3rd guy –

FIL: “.22’s!?!?! Long rifle .22’s?!?!”

Why yes, 3rd guy said.

I have not seen FIL run that fast in a long time, after WW drone.

Among 3rd guy, FIL and I, we ended up with 3 boxes apiece.

photo 1
225’s. Now we know what 225’s are. New and Improved even.

Pretty good, as .22 availability seems hit or miss.  Better than a year ago perhaps, but more likely not on the shelf, or hidden in the back.  The difference, you can find it and there are no jostling hordes mobbing for any pittance… .  And pricing was good.  Not great, but easy to get a couple boxes, even on a budget.

But then, today, as I took better half and MIL out shopping:

photo 2
Why get 225’s when you can get 555’s. Yes?

Jackpot!  Maybe FIL will get one in his stocking.  Or, maybe not.  Should I tell him they have scads – multiple cases – still over there?

So, patience and time, and it can be found.  I have what I need and will share for the Holidays.

Some help (and I am not an “ammo scav”!):