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Smashed in Head. Updated.


Update 2:

Apparently, the professor was arrested.

Clanton was arrested early Wednesday morning in Oakland and booked in the Berkeley Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that is not a firearm. He is being held on $200,000 bond and is due in court at 9 a.m. Friday.




This is particularly brutal.

I just wonder, what precisely are they fighting over?!?  Did the leftist “antifa” lose some right?

The perpetrator is allegedly thought to be some professor… .

UPDATE:  If it is a professor, I hope he’s prosecuted.

Getting conked on the head with a u-lock would hurt… .

It’ll be interesting, if one of these protestors pulls that type of attack on someone who is armed.  Though, that has complications too:

Like, prison.

Apparently, this guy opted for a bench trial.   He was in a tough spot, in that sense.   Judge found him guilty on 21 felonies.

So, if you live in a liberal state, something to consider and remember.

And don’t go play at a riot or demonstration.



Pretty Cool.

Pence steps out at the 38th Parallel:

…I like Pence.   I also feel that talks should occur, whether in Conference Row, or elsewhere.   Perhaps not now, but soon.  Not sure if NK would entertain talks, given their hermit state extremism,  that China seems less supportive, etc.

But then, apparently two more carriers are steaming there.   So, we may see if NK carries out their threats today on weekly rocket launches.

Lots of material not in popular media.  Even that footage of Pence on the DMZ, from CNN, not shown.

Bright Light.

A nice bright light for the holidays.

img_2906I saw the commercial for the “Bell and Howell Tac Light” and thought I would give it a try.  While I won’t freeze it, boil it, or run it over, it does seem like a pretty good light.

Its very bright.  Just a bright as they show on their ad.


Pushing or pulling the front of the light in or out widens or narrows the focus of the beam.

I have no idea how many lumens, but it was said that it puts out about 600 or so.

The light has 5 modes, high, medium and low, strobe and “sos.”  Not sure about strobing any intruder, but, I digress.

Focusing the beam to its most narrow, it easily illuminated well out to what some claim.

fullsizerenderfullsizerender1The button seems like its going to be a weak spot.

Instead of AAA batteries, of which it takes three, I opted for rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 batteries, which for just a few dollars will save on scads of AAA batteries.   The 18650’s came four to a pack, with a charger.  (And if you had ~7500 of them, you’d have a Tesla Battery doncha know… ).


The charger seems a bit cheap, and the directions are written in broken engrish, but so far, it seems to do the job.

As well, it seems that they – lights such as these – are made by alot of different manufacturers.   Not sure if that makes any difference, but, so far, so good.

Who? Lea Who?

Some things can’t be unseen…. .

Which is why I hesitate to post this little gem:

Actress Lea DeLaria found herself in hot water after she wrote on Instagram that she wanted to “take out” Republicans and Independents with a baseball bat.

DeLaria, best known for her role as Big Boo on “Orange Is the New Black,” shared a Leonard Bernstein quote on Instagram about responding to violence through music.

She captioned the quote by suggesting a different response to voilence writing, “Or pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–king republican and independent I see. #f–ktrump #f–ktheGOP #f–kstraightwhiteamerica #f–kyourprivilege.”

Uh huh.   My guess is she’s never been hit with a bat, or a brick, or rock, or whatever, in the noggin.   It hurts.   Maybe she should think about that, but then again, some don’t think much.

Horse Eaters… .

Black-stallionVenezuela, things seem pretty bad there.

I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it first came out.  It was pretty good: