Bright Light.

A nice bright light for the holidays.

img_2906I saw the commercial for the “Bell and Howell Tac Light” and thought I would give it a try.  While I won’t freeze it, boil it, or run it over, it does seem like a pretty good light.

Its very bright.  Just a bright as they show on their ad.


Pushing or pulling the front of the light in or out widens or narrows the focus of the beam.

I have no idea how many lumens, but it was said that it puts out about 600 or so.

The light has 5 modes, high, medium and low, strobe and “sos.”  Not sure about strobing any intruder, but, I digress.

Focusing the beam to its most narrow, it easily illuminated well out to what some claim.

fullsizerenderfullsizerender1The button seems like its going to be a weak spot.

Instead of AAA batteries, of which it takes three, I opted for rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 batteries, which for just a few dollars will save on scads of AAA batteries.   The 18650’s came four to a pack, with a charger.  (And if you had ~7500 of them, you’d have a Tesla Battery doncha know… ).


The charger seems a bit cheap, and the directions are written in broken engrish, but so far, it seems to do the job.

As well, it seems that they – lights such as these – are made by alot of different manufacturers.   Not sure if that makes any difference, but, so far, so good.


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