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2479 Bodies. Scattered All Over the Place. 9-11; Fighting to Live. As the Towers Died.

911_630No, its not 9-11, the anniversary of the attacks on WTC in 2001.  Of Course Not.

But you have to have a plan, in case your home or office is struck by attack, calamity, or crisis.  Have a bug out kit at hand in your car.  Better yet, in your office.  Certainly at home.  Keeping a level head and having some basic tools at hand could just save your life.   Or not.

You can look online for suggestions for bug out kit.  If you don’t have these sorts of material on-hand here or there, just do it.  Yes, I am an Eagle Scout.  Some can snerk at that, but the Boy Scout motto is simple and holds true.  Be Prepared.  Prepare.   Think.  Help others.

In our home, we have a bug out kit – that includes a fire-axe.  Why?  Well, we live her a hurricane area.  I may not have to chop through the roof, but its good to know that I can.

At the office, I have a kit as well.  Which includes several 5-gallon jerry cans.  Why the latter?  Well, If I can’t get gas where I live, but can closer to the coast, they are there.  Sound extreme?  Lets not forget Katrina, and the many days of calamity that followed that.

imagesAnd when the “authority” tells you all is well, no need to evacuate, make your own assessment.

I have briefed my staff, in case of any threat, they need to get out first.  Sound the alarm if you can.  Meet at a predetermined point.  Simple planning.  Don’t wait, get out.

at-903-am-united-flight-175-crashed-into-the-south-tower-leaving-no-doubt-that-this-was-an-attack-some-news-channels-captured-the-traumatic-moment-on-live-televisionDo you have water and basic tools in a kit at your place of work?  Do you and your co-workers have a plan if there is a fire, or gunman coming through the door?  What about any basic medical emergency?  First Aid Kit?

186786-d2c15bb8-1aa8-11e3-b47b-9923c5873ce4Just discussing contingencies and having a plan for you, the ones you care for, and your family makes the difference.  If you plan on relying on others, and waiting for help – you’re gonna die.