United States v. Olofson; the Accidental Felon.


machinegunAn old story.  But makes me want to Join GOA.

(January 29, 2008) There are several ways for a person to unintentionally commit a felony, but most of them are looked at by prosecutors, judges, and juries as the accidents they are and dealt with accordingly. Such is not always the case however, especially when firearms are involved; for the past 2 years David Olofson has been learning that the hard way. Olofson is a regular guy who happens to be fond of AR15 style sport-utility rifles. He loaned a rifle to a friend. While the friend was shooting it he moved the safety switch to a point beyond the Fire position. The rifle fired a couple of short bursts and jammed. Someone at or near the club called the police to complain about machinegun fire. The police notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and David Olofson was subsequently charged and convicted of illegally transferring a machinegun.





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Reloading .22


A sign of the times, perhaps.  I can’t find .22 ammo anywhere for purchase round here…. .


2-Mile Long Stretch Of Iraq Oil Tankers Headed For The U.S.


20151111_crude1_0On one hand, good for gas prices.  On the other, not so good for certain economies.

Even as both Iran and Saudi Arabia are losing Asian market share to Russia and Iraq, Tehran is closely allied with Baghdad and Moscow while Riyadh is not. That certainly seems to suggest that in the long run, the Saudis are going to end up with the short end of the stick.

Once again, it’s the intersection of geopolitcs and energy, and you’re reminded that at the end of the day, that’s what it usually comes down to.





His long-ties to the Islamic faith have always raised questions about Obama’s allegiances, especially in regards to the Muslim Brotherhood. Even after the Paris attacks, President Obama refuges to use the words “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

ISIS Planning Sunday Attacks, Including in Atlanta Area…. .


The FBI Saturday said in a statement it is aware of an alleged threat by the Islamic State group to stage an attack on a WWE event scheduled for Atlanta Sunday evening. However, FBI Special Agent in Charge J. Britt Johnson of the Atlanta office said the bureau did not have “specific or credible information of an attack.”

And Obama’s “approval ratings” plummet:

Currently, 54 percent of U.S. adults disapprove of the way in which Obama is handling terrorism threats, the worst such rating in his White House career, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday. Forty-three percent of Americans disapprove strongly of the president’s handling of terror threats.


And then, ISIS threatens to lead Obama like a dog….. .

The former jayvee team promises to lead Obama “like a dog.”

No comment… .

…Could’ve Been Worse.

From billllsidlemind.blogspot.com/:

2E93EFDE00000578-3324971-Dead_Belgian_jihadist_Abdelhamid_Abaaoud_the_suspected_mastermin-m-98_1447940856479Paris Massacre, It Could Have Been Worse

Got this in a newsletter I subscribe to.  Seems the Paris Massacre has a couple things go wrong that kept the casualty count down. Firse we all know that the bombs intended for the soccer stadium didn’t get in thanks to the stadium security. Secondly however, one of the attacks on a restaurant had a lower than expected casualty count thanks to 3 customers there from Columbia. Businessmen of course and in exactly the kind of business associated with Columbia.

Last Friday various attacks occurred in Paris, leaving at least 129 people dead. At that time, at a restaurant in the city’s 10th District, two armed suspects arrived, who began firing on the attendees. However, three people at the locale drew their weapons and killed the attackers, as reported by French media. Police agents detained the three individuals, who are natives of Colombia and are operatives of the Northern Cartel in that country. It is expected that they will be extradited to Colombia, where they will be tried accordingly. The Paris Police Department indicated that the identity of the three individuals will remain anonymous, due to security concerns.

Bad luck for the jihadis to pick a restaurant with 3 armed narcotrafficantes in it. When the SHTF however any help is greatly appreciated. Too bad there weren’t some of them at the club.



Obama Can Take His Anti-American “Retoric” and Shove it up his…. .

43395526Obama is anti American.  He attacks us.   He says that anyone that opposes Syrian, or Libyan migrants is somehow anti-American.  Huh?

He said that.

My ancestors were Irish and Italian, or whatever, but they came, and did not want to kill us, blow us up, or whatever.  They integrated.  And this current violence and force.  That’s not integration.

Well, Let me preach to the choir here;

Obama is Anti-American.

He seeks to Destroy us.

He cannot say “Radical Islam Must Be Stopped.”  Because he makes excuses.

He will destroy us and must be stopped.