NOVA Gun Store Sues Anti-Gunners.

(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

I was sued because I don’t want military-grade weapons in my town

No, you were sued because you said things that weren’t true and caused a legitimate and legal business damage.  Libel and Tortious interference

And I hope NOVA gets every single penny of what they claimed in damages.

This Guy seems to be the lead Agitator.

Complaint here:

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How to fight back

Ryan Albert: I’m the victim here!!!


pix4_051414….so, why not build more?

A good question.

Here’s why the U.S. should restart the F-22 Raptor production line instead of developing a sixth generation fighter


Florida_01 001

….I still like living in Florida.

He talks about the intensity of the light, vegetation, animal life and human life as if the whole place were animated by some low-level electric charge. 

Partly true.  Coming from Michigan, where there is a constant grey pall of clouds over the entire state in winter, I was startled by the sun.  I thought, at the time, that the near constant blinding sun surely must be what drives many in the state mad.  But we acclimated.  Perhaps it was the sunglasses.  Or maybe we were maddened too.

Despite the premise of this article, that 90% if the state is backwards and poverty-stricken, Florida is pretty nice.  We like it.  And you can find underground backwardness just about anywhere.