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Bow Wow. Obama Bows. Trump Wows.

Obama:  Bower in chief:

Obama, bower in chief.
Bows to lil’ ‘chilren.
More bowing…. . bow bow.
A bee bow bow buppa bow bow bow…
Bowing and boot licking.

Trump: Don’t see much bowing.

How hard is it, just stand up straight, be yourself, look’em in the eye… .

Video here, go watch:


Obama Defends on Russia… .

….says it was handled.


Really?  They guy can hardly handle getting a doctor.

And then, Michelle.  Poor Michelle.  So despondent.  Feels hopeless.  Gloomy even.

In a glowing assessment of her husband’s tenure, Mrs Obama likened him to the calming parent of the panicked toddler nation.


I donno.  I feel pretty good not having Hillary in office.

But comparing the public to some bunch of toddlers?  Good grief.

Nothing to See Here…. .

see_no_evil_hear_no_evil_speak_no_evilSuppose we read with great interest all the under-handed, back room dealing, conniving, cheating, pay for play scandals and learn about how honest and noble our representatives are…or were.

CNN said we, the little people, would be subject to arrest, as “…only the media can read this material…”.

Yeah, that would be something.



CNN: It Is Illegal For Voters To Possess Wikileaks Material


Obama on Orlando… .

Islam Obama 6.12.16
So, some notes from Obama’s speech at about 1:00 pm cst;
—- met with director Comey, full resources of fed.gov, still waiting on facts.  no definitive judgment on precise motivation.
—person filled with hatred.  we will go where the facts lead us.
—talked about LGBT groups, and that they should be supported.  values of equality, dignity, etc.
— shooter was armed with an assault rifle.  a reminder how easy it is for someone to get a weapon.  We have to decide if that’s the kind of county we want to live in… .  (He’s said this a lot in the past).
—-we need to demonstrate we are  more as a country.  (Read, more executive orders….).
— we will stand united to take action against those that would harm us… .
The speech starts at about 56 minutes or so.
No mention of terror, or Islam.   Of course.
Just in the last hour or so, it was reported in popular media that the shooter called 9-11 and pledged allegiance to radical Islam, to ISIS.  It was also said that the killer was shouting “Allah Akbar” during his standoff and attack.
Just another opportunity for Obama to blame guns and guns only.

Stay Classy Obama. Stay Classy.

….did not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral.  Wow.

ABC_First_ladies_funeral_1_er_160311_4x3_992Instead, he apparently went to the South by Southwest Festival.  How nice for him.

President Barack Obama will not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday, opting instead to speak at a festival in Austin, Texas.

South by Southwest — an annual music, tech, and film gathering — announced last week that Obama would be the keynote speaker on March 11, and that Michelle Obama was scheduled to speak on March 16. It’s the first time in the festival’s 30-year history that a sitting president and first lady have participated.

Jerk.  Not unexpected.

Obama’s final 500.

obama-dunceObama to muck around in the Criminal Justice System….:

Late in his term, President Obama has identified the criminal justice system as a home-stretch priority. “Any system that allows us to turn a blind eye to hopelessness and despair, that’s not a justice system, it is an injustice system,” the president said at the NAACP annual convention in July. So we asked scholars, experts, and advocates from across the ideological spectrum to share their wish lists of criminal justice reforms the president could reasonably achieve in the final 500 days of his term.


Him being out of office couldn’t come fast enough for me…. .

But it will be interesting to see who comes next…. .

And I did not see all that many conservative viewpoints on that list.

And Obama is Nowhere….

President Barack Obama reacts as he misses a shot while golfing on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on the island of Martha's Vineyard on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
President Barack Obama reacts as he misses a shot while golfing on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on the island of Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Recent open source reports and unverified images of Russian equipment in Syria indicate that the Kremlin may slowly be ramping up its presence in the war-torn country in support of the beleaguered regime of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad.

I’m not saying that we need to throw open our boarders and save all the refugees.  Far from it.  But some foreign policy activity and direction would be appropriate.  We have none.