Oil Change. Its not like it used to be.

Screen-Shot-2012-10-19-at-12.31.17You know, I go in for an oil change.  Pay 20 bucks for good old dino-juice.  I can pay north of 50 dollars for synthetic.  I run synthetic as a rule as I can, but you wonder, are they really putting synthetic in when you ask for it?  Hell, I even had Jiffy Lube rebuild my engine on an older car, and they did.  Absolutely.   Did a great job.

I asked my oil change guy point blank.  He only said, “Hey, we have to have a certain level of trust, right?”  Well, I don’t trust.   No experience.  No training.  Up-selling.  Focus on getting a big bill.  Bull.


My grandpa said, you gotta be able to get under your own car.  That’s it.

More Possum, and a bounty!

Sheesh…. .  A reward for someone that shot a possum?!?

…a passel of possums.

$5K reward offered for capture of person who shot opossum with 2 arrows

If you have any information about the person responsible for shooting the opossum, you’re asked to report the information to Riverside County Department of Animal Services by calling  951-358-7387.



Killing Possums, the blurry ethical line….;


Ok, I will say this, when they traipse through my back yard, I leave them alone.  But if your going to dispatch one, do it right.  Its like a snake I once found in my yard, which, as a northern transplant me, looked like and acted like a rattle snake.   So, I got a shovel and killed it.  Quickly.

Though I later found out it was really just a harmless rat-snake.  Like I said, northern transplant.


Defective Glock.

glockOfficer Peter Liang, on trial in New York for what seems to be a negligent discharge:

Liang’s bagged 9mm Glock was entered into evidence Thursday.

Defense attorneys have argued the gun was faulty, saying in opening statements that Liang’s finger was alongside the trigger — not on it — following police protocol.

….I’m not buying that.  I’m also not comfortable with the man being tried as a criminal, but, New York.


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More Flint Water Woe: Mmm, Lead is Good!


The people in Flint should be livid.  State officials in that area purportedly were trucking in their own water for over a year before the SHTF on this story.

Or, “Water for Me but Not for Thee.”