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Saw this yesterday, thought it would be interesting to cook for new years day.   Apparently, its a southern thing – pork jowl with black eyed peas.  No peas for us.

Its going to be like the ox tail we did some time ago.

thumbnail_img_2907Instead, we braised the jowl in the broiler with red potatos, onions, etc., then put it in the crock pot for the day.   We shall see.

img_2918Not done yet, but cooking along… .



Enter the Lawyers…

No Swimming, Beware Alligators.

Disney rep says company plans to ‘thoroughly review’ alligator signage after attack

A tragedy it certainly was – an absolutely adorable 2-year old drowned by a gator – but you’re in Florida.  At an inland lake.  You have to assume there will be alligators, yes?

Heard this AM on Good Morning America – “What do you think people in Florida know about alligators that other people don’t?”

Media to the lowest common denominator.

Harambe Headshot Leads to Claims of White Privilage.

Boy-falls-in-to-Gorilla-enclosure-at-cincinnati-zooFrom Brietbart, again…;

“…angry black people in social media forums [who] have been blaming the incident on entrenched white privilege.

There’s just one flaw in this GorillaLivesMatter thesis. Can you guess what it is?


Pumpkins Bad….

Sheesh… .


Environmentalist increasingly means ignorant fool who majored in women’s studies because science classes involved math.

I have to go get dog food today. Note to self, pick up some pumpkins.
I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years – when I did last, the neighborhood kids carved obscenities into them.
At least we’ll get some pumpkins seeds.

Happy Halloween!