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Recycling an Important Post….

When I started this blog, did not get a lot of hits, which is alright.  Did not expect many.  Not the point. I am happy – ecstatic really – with the volume I get.  Thankful for my regular readers from word press and other sources.

But one post I wanted to get more hits on was this one, because its awesome first, and just plain patriotic 2nd;


It does not have to be memorial day to remember our vets.  They are all around us.  Help them.  Nuff said.

A Tutorial on Speaking to Law Enforcement.

shhhh3My advice:  Don’t.

See, wasn’t that simple?

I’ll let another explain why: Video here. 

A long watch, but entertaining, I promise.  Educational too.

And then you have the ACLU weighing in.  Though, their interpretation of the law is, at times perhaps, strained, they are largely right in this instance. 


Cop Flips his Top.

Angry Cop-thumb-400x400-1561

Over at The Gun Feed.

In Florida, you have to stop, provide your id, and registration.  They cannot keep you for more than a few minutes – there was, I believe, a “three minute” rule, but in any event, your detainment (yes, you are being detained) can be only for a minimal period of time.  Other than that, you don’t have to answer other questions. If you choose to refuse to answer questions they legally cannot ask, than yes, its a really good idea to have a record.  Though that is problematic too – see:   “I know the law better than you, believe me.”   Many times officers do not know the law, or apply their own interpretation.  As well, they are allowed to lie.

Of course, they are looking for probable cause that you broke the law – primarily that you are impaired.

Things they look for:

  • –  The smell of alcohol or drugs.
  • –  Open alcohol containers.
  • –  Erratic movements, fumbling around for your id, etc.
  • –  Slurred, slow or pressured speech.
  • –  Admissions.  As stated, you generally should not talk to law enforcement.  Ever.
  • –  Sloppy appearance.
  • –  Glossy eyes.

Obvious Tips:

  • –  Slow down and drive normally until you are actually stopped – you may not be stopped, rather, you might be waived through.
  • –  Always wear your seat belt.
  • –  Be polite.
  • –  Be prepared.  Have your license and registration in an easily accessible place – know exactly where they are.  Rummaging your glove box gives law enforcement an opportunity to see whats in there too.
  • –  Do not speak with the officers unless they speak with you.
  • –  You may be asked if they can search your car.  Repeat after me: Never agree.  Ever.
  • –  If you are arrested, understand that you may be recorded while in custody.  Do not say anything.  Refuse to be questioned.  Keep quiet.  Assert your right to an attorney.
  • –  And I’ll say it again, especially if detained – Shut it.
  • –  Don’t drink and drive.  Duh.
  • –  And finally –