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Obama’s Immigration Order.

immigration1Illegal Immigration and crime, tatamount to war abroad. 

An economic perspective; Obama, in his immigration speech this week, said 11 million illegal immigrants can “come in out of the shadows.” And this is supposed to be “good” for our economy?

I can guess that the vast majority of this demographic are not going to be net producers – they are not going to add to the treasury, for whatever that’s worth.  They will be drawing big fat checks from you and me month after month, year over year, in the form of free healthcare, food and cash assistance, disability payments and tax credits.  I am also out on a limb here in assuming that the majority of these dreamers are relatively unskilled and/or uneducated, and are thus going to be taking primarily lower paying jobs.  This will pressure the job market – which by the way, is not getting better.  Economy 101, employers will fill unskilled jobs with the most cost-effective option – those willing to accept less.

If this demographic – “those in the shadows” – is anything like current American population – they won’t contribute.  To make it worse, the majority of them will not endeavor to learn english nor will they take pride in what used to be known as American Identity.

Immigration used to be about building America.  Obama’s actions do nothing but tear it down.


Blacks Cry Foul, Obama’s Immigration Order takes minority status from them:


Some feel that Obama will allow convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders remain, despite rehetoric:








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