Obama’s Imminent Gun Controls.

Described as “imminent,” the set of executive actions would fulfill a promise by the President to take further unilateral steps the White House says could help curb gun deaths.

More bypassing congress, our supposed “representative government” and unilateral action.  Mr. “Pen & Phone.”

Clueless Camerotta…. .

stupidity…Kicked off of Fox News and Glommed over to CNN, Camerotta acts shocked when it is suggested that Bill Clinton had abused multiple women.

Is she stupid?

We know with reasonable absolute certainty that Clinton “had sexual relations” with Lewinsky.  That’s not just “alleged.”  And there’s a long list of women claiming abuse by Bill.

A lot of voters ignore, forget, or weren’t around when Bill was impeached by the House.

Miscellaneous Reading…. .


…left, but then returned.

The Woodpile report.  Lots of links and food for thought there:


Kooky Canadians.  A 12-Guage Handgun:


indexHillary’s recent gun controls…. .  She’s a troll.  Of course, at this “town hall” she was being asked questions by a buncha doe-eyed kids, and not even “real” reporters or press, so….:



DC Liberal says, essentially, if we are Christians, we can’t protect ourselves…. .  So, can I have a sword, or no?:


Ruger Charger.

Ruger 10-22 History.  I like mine sans barrel band, full-size, brushed stainless, & wood furniture.  Though the Ruger Charger is fun too:


Umm, No.

Ammoland reviews the “best AR” optics, and of course they start with EOTEC and Trijicon.  Yes yes, of course those are great.  But expensive.  I suppose it is as they say, spend as much as you can on optics.  But what low-budget alternatives are out there….?:



Giant Hotel Fire in Dubai…. .

Construction accident?  Intentionally set?  Will it collapse?  Terror-based?

….time will tell.


Yes, looks as though those systems are working Really well…. .

Not surprised if ISIS were to claim responsibility…. .


Obamacare… .

9b71311f-996b-4c27-9496-ee55cfa37576Socialism does not work in a free market.  Unless you’re Obama, living some fantasy.

Over at the federalistpapers.com quoting Breitbart, quoting an urban institute study….:

The fundamental vulnerability of ObamaCare is that relatively healthy individuals would decide that the costs of even subsidized coverage exceeded its benefits. According to the Urban Institute study, even relatively healthy individuals are paying over 15 percent of their income for ObamaCare health insurance plans.

The costs for insuring those with even modest health care needs are in effect subsidized by these healthier individuals. If these healthier Americans decide that even the subsidized costs are too high, they will likely opt out of the program entirely. This will push the costs of those with more health care needs even higher, creating what economists warn could be a “death spiral,” where both premium and out-of-pocket costs skyrocket.

One can only hope.

More Woodpile Report…. .

From Ol’Remus…:

Pictures. They tell many words…. .

If you want to know what collapse looks like, look around. We’re living in an ongoing collapse—civil, economic, military and moral. Everything’s political, acquiescence is mandatory, dissent is a crime . We have fallen far. We shall fall much further. Emergencies and disasters follow each other ever more closely, each more astonishing than the last. Sociopaths and madmen—the mainstream, the real lunatic fringe—have neither the capability nor the will to fix them. And so we fall. The collapse will end when we can fall no further.

Make It Stop!



Their Republican representatives will not take up a bill and do the people’s bidding. The National Rifle Association pays the Republicans too much money. Therefore, the Republicans do the NRA’s bidding and not the American people’s bidding.

Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, is the Homeland Security Committee chair. McCaul calls our own city streets the front lines for terrorists. He and all Republicans are alarming the American citizens, every day, about terrorism in our country. They need to stop.

Well, the Republican Establishment, as incompetent as they are, do something right: Not take up a bill.

And terrorism warnings are not necessarily rhetoric.

Obama Bans Microbeads, Ignores Other Things… . .


18811910-mmmainPresident Obama signed a bipartisan bill that prohibits selling and distributing products containing microbeads.

Thank god!


And in other news, Nothing to See in Ukraine…. .  Move along…. .


The “you” in “you have stopped paying attention” on that headline, that would be Obama.  Because he can’t do two things at once…. .  Or has no experience or wisdom to do anything about Putin.  What, with his vast experience as a community organizer and all…. .


The Durham Observer Takes the Blue Pill… or Red One…or… .

Red_and_blue_pillA stupid An uninformed opinion:

From the Opinion pages at the “Durham News & Observer”, Rob Schofield shares his Christmas Optimism:


“It’s gotten to the point at which the supposedly freest country in the world has become, in some horrifically depressing ways, a 300 million person prison.”

…We live in the free-est country on the planet.  This guy has to get out more.  A prison?! Really??

This, is a prison.

Liberals such as this guy, worst complainers on the planet.  We could live in much worse places.  Try anywhere in China, North Korea, or Syria.  Raqqa, anyone?  Get over the hysterics.  Once again, taking personal liberty for granted…. .  Or working to take that liberty away.

If you don’t like your prison Mr. Schofield, you’re free to go…. .

Then there’s this gem:

“Two decades ago, after their country experienced a horrific mass murder, the people of Australia enacted strong laws that greatly restricted gun purchases and put in place a gun buyback program that removed roughly one out of every five guns in the country from circulation. The country has had no mass murders since.”

Look – a kangaroo! With a gun! Australia! They banned Guns! We can Too!

Wrong.  Maybe not any mass-murder on the scale of the Port Arthur killing, which is perhaps what he’s talking about – but there have been mass-shootings, mass-stabbings, arson attacks with scores killed at once, etc.  In Australia and many other countries.  And Australia does not have a 2nd Amendment.  “But that Country had such liberal gun laws before Port Aurthur!” – no, no, they didn’t.  Research much?

Research-MemeThe author then drags himself out of his depression and brings up 5 reasons to be optimistic, (Thank God, I was becoming so sad!) as he says, “some obvious…and some you may not have considered”:

“▪ Public opinion – Despite the wealth and power of the gun lobby (the gun industry and its confused allies in the NRA and other such groups), Americans remain overwhelmingly in favor of stronger gun laws.”

What country is he talking about again?  And what poll?  And why are more and more people buying guns then? As in, buying them Right Now?






Even leftist liberal rags can vet their stats, and see that NCIS background checks are at an all-time-high.  The Daily Kos even!

Merry X-Mas to Me! Thanks Santa!

“▪ Changing demographics – Things do not figure to get any better for the gun absolutists in the years ahead. As the U.S. becomes a majority-minority and ever-more-urbanized nation, public opinion is sure to bend more and more toward support of sane regulation. Add to this the simple fact that, despite the mad paranoia of some Obama haters, overall gun ownership rates have been trending downward for some time (and the fact that young people and people of color tend to own fewer guns) and there is still more reason for optimism.”

Gun ownership trending downwards.  Ummm…. .   No.  See #2, above.  And “majority-minority-ever-more-urbanized.”  What does that mean precisely?  Of course, if we become, um, that phrase, public opinion is just Sure to Bend!  Yeah!

public_opinion“▪ Modern communications technology and shifting public attitudes toward violence – One of the most important and positive results of the explosion in the availability of smartphones and the video recordings they produce in recent years has been the widespread public revulsion it has generated toward several police shootings. The same is true of modern communications technology generally. Simply put: When people see the horror of murder in living color, they are sickened by it and demand action. This cannot be good for opponents of sane gun laws.”

Perhaps not the living color he was thinking of?

Yes, because smart-phones prevent violence all by themselves.  I venture to guess that the same recording technology can convince equal numbers, if not more, that they too need to take personal security more seriously… .   Just a guess.  When I see something terrible in living color I’m thankful that I’m colorblind.  Yay! – someone getting crushed by a piano, perhaps – I don’t automatically want to ban all pianos.

▪ Advancing weapons technology – Soon, technological advances will, absent sane regulations, make killing machines that would have once been imagined only in science fiction (machines that will make assault weapons seem quaint) readily available to the masses. Unless Americans want to embrace some kind of horrific, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max on steroids existence, this is clearly not a sustainable path for society.”

Because those horrific killing machines guns kill all by themselves don’t they!  Doesn’t seem very optimistic at all – a Max Max existence?!?!  Where do I turn in my gun!!

Pew! Pew! Git Yer Gun Ma!

Or maybe I shall keep my gun just in case the Auto-Bots run rampant with their killing machines…. .   Hysteria.