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I liked Ernie Harwell.

The voice of Summer.   Spent alot of time listening to him and Tigers ball on the radio, in the 70’s and 80’s.

And we had Sparky Anderson!


Coup Against Trump.

Makes you wonder….:

I honestly believe Democrats will stop at nothing to depose Trump, and will ultimately use any tool to do so.   At great damage to our Republic.

The lunacy on their part is jaw-dropping.   Some examples:


Trump; Tweeter in Chief.

So, Trump likes to tweet.   Left the little gem above on twitter yesterday.   Presidential?  No.

Unexpected?  No.

What MSM ignores most though, and won’t even mention, is that these two “mika and joe” characters have completely maligned and insulted Trump in the past, and recently.

And with no reason other then that they are leftist weirdos that are trying to get ratings.

And the media is nothing but aghast at Trumps tweet.   On one hand, yes, it was beneath that office.   On the other, as they say, those who throw stones…. .