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A docile Iran?

The mullahs have become cognizant of the fact that there’s a new sheriff in town, one that backs up tough talk with action and doesn’t ask “how high” when they say “jump.” Clearly, the IRGC’s new docile posture in the Arabian Gulf is a direct consequence of this realization.

….as the article says, iran’s mischief making does extend far and wide.

FISA Memo, Full Text.


I think this is well said, and goes without saying for most reasonable people:

Cape Town Faces No Water…. .

I realised I was unprepared for Day Zero. In a state of panic, I rushed to retailers to get a 25 litre bucket for the day we need to stand in line at those dreaded collection points. I also got a large drum to harvest water as tanks are sold out.

Good to know how to get water, and better yet, to be able to get out before necessities  go away.