More Ammo Availability, 225’s, 555’s and learning something new.

So, its Christmas time of course.  You never know when you may get to step out under the guise of Christmas shopping, and find yourself some good fortune… .

Went out to our local WalMart a couple of days ago, FIL and I.  As we were standing at the Ammo case, we longed for better days when .22 ammo was a-plenty.  Not a single box in sight… .

Me: “Well, no .22’s.  I guess I could get some of that 5.56 over there for a good deal (picture below – looks promising.  Israeli made, imported by Federal.  Odd head-stamp though).”

photo 3photo 4FIL:  [Sigh].  “Yep.  Guess so.”

A 3rd guy comes sauntering down the isle, about the same time a WW drone comes wandering by…from the opposite direction.

WW drone:  “You guys need anything?”

3rd guy:  “Yeah, I wanted some .22, you have any?”

WW drone: “Well, I got some 225’s in the back… .”  (225’s?)

FIL heard 225’s and I’m not sure what he thought, but he must not have heard the rest as he trudged away… .  I was not sure what 225’s were either, until 3rd guy asked,

3rd guy: “long rifle…?”

WW d: “yep.”

Drone then disappeared to get the mystery 225’s.  Those drones move pretty fast.  By then FIL was already at the end of the isle.  I am not sure whether it was selective hearing, being hard of hearing, or what, but suddenly it dawned on him.  Skittering back up to 3rd guy –

FIL: “.22’s!?!?! Long rifle .22’s?!?!”

Why yes, 3rd guy said.

I have not seen FIL run that fast in a long time, after WW drone.

Among 3rd guy, FIL and I, we ended up with 3 boxes apiece.

photo 1
225’s. Now we know what 225’s are. New and Improved even.

Pretty good, as .22 availability seems hit or miss.  Better than a year ago perhaps, but more likely not on the shelf, or hidden in the back.  The difference, you can find it and there are no jostling hordes mobbing for any pittance… .  And pricing was good.  Not great, but easy to get a couple boxes, even on a budget.

But then, today, as I took better half and MIL out shopping:

photo 2
Why get 225’s when you can get 555’s. Yes?

Jackpot!  Maybe FIL will get one in his stocking.  Or, maybe not.  Should I tell him they have scads – multiple cases – still over there?

So, patience and time, and it can be found.  I have what I need and will share for the Holidays.

Some help (and I am not an “ammo scav”!):



Grail guns.

Over at GunBlogBlackList – a very good gun-blog aggregator – they asked for our Grail Guns. Guns we dream about to top off our collections.  Choices, choices, so many choices.

Despite being away for the Holidays, I thought I would take some time off from playing with the dogs (I think we broke them today.  See the post above), put down the egg nog and throw my vote in the ring…. .

300px-Savage-arms-company_1904Behold, The Savage 99!

A fine example. Courtesy of

Other examples…:

Not my collection. Sadly. Someday, perhaps.


Savage Arms has been around forever, and that speaks volumes.  But when the Model 99 came out, it was revolutionary:  99’s have been available at one time or another through an almost 100 year production run in .303 Savage, .30-30 Winchester, .25-35 Winchester, .250 Savage (also called the .250-3000 Savage, as the first American commercial round to produce a velocity of over 3,000 ft/s (910 m/s)), .22 Hi Power, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .358 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .284 Winchester, .38-55 Winchester, .32-40 Ballard, .375 Winchester, and my favorite, the .300 Savage.

Not because I like that cartridge in particular.  It was great in its time, and I would probably use it today if I had a chance.  But because My grandpa’s Savage 99 was in .300 Savage.

This particular 99’s chambering was 1st offered soon after WW1, and later is said to have led to the 7.62 NATO some decades later. When I was young, I used to go hunting with my grandpa and dad.  Grandpa would always have his .300 Savage.  How awesome was it when my boyhood friends asked what I got to hunt with, and I could tell them – “300-Savage.”

.308 on the left, and .300 on the right. Image/Wikipedia.

“300-Savage” sounded, well, awesome.  Like hunting atop a raptor, while riding a shark – Savage.  At least it impressed me.  Something like so:

Image credit; I have no idea. But riding a raptor sounds awesome, even sans shark.

Well, almost.

Produced from 1899 to 1998, having one of the 1st rotary magazines with a round-counter, a tip up pin that indicated a loaded chamber, and the first rifle to use spitzer bullets in a lever-action – this gun was ahead of its time.  And even has dedicated fan-websites .

The Savage 99 in any caliber remains a legacy.  The good memories and history of this rifle make it my grail gun. And why I troll through gun-stores and on-line for them.  Still don’t have one, but Grandpa’s remains in the family.

Merry Christmas.




Light posting for the holidays, as I am traveling… .

NUKEMAP-Cuban-Missile-Crisis-DCIn the meantime, contemplate current events.

In the context of this:

And perhaps some predictions:;_ylt=AwrBEiQLOpRUmmcAdr3QtDMD

Or worse:

And then have fun with this site:

Enjoy, and Happy Holiday Merry Christmas!

American Exceptionalist

uncle+sam+U.S.+tax+evasionI am aware, some feel we are supposed to be outraged by recent revelations that excessive force, torture, or worse was wrought on bad-actors in our war on terror.  After all, that is not the American Way, right?  Apple Pie and all?

I am not shocked.  I am not surprised.  Ultimately, I really don’t care.  This recent report on our counter terror efforts, it was bi-partisan and biased.  It is inflated.

We’ve used these interrogation tactics for a long while, and they were reported long ago.  I will and can provide links.  In the context of recent reports, I am surprised at the backlash.  We are to ignore and do nothing about our heads stuck on pikes, being decapitated, or US Citizens being offered DNA of their children for bounty?

Apparently, we are supposed to simply absorb terror attacks.  Let malcontents – tin-horn terrorists come to mind, but with modern tech ten years later that will come closer to home that will harm more – kill 3k Americans on 9-11, scores more since, and should just get over it.  We are told we should ignore it.  Be exceptional. What became of American Exceptionalism, I am asked.

No.  No we should not ignore it.  The torture, the misery, the lack of due process, or whatever.  No.  But don’t call us unexceptional.  I still shed nothing for those that would seek to do us harm.  Be aware of the political popular mantra.

War has not changed.  In the past, we firebombed Dresden, nuked Nagasaki, or flew into Cambodia during Vietnam.  After world War II – and during – countless atrocities were perpetrated by the Axis and Allies, US forces to boot.  Yes.  So what?  Many tragic atrocities abound, and terrible things these were.  That is the case of that.  Of War. We are supposed to be more civilized now, according to many.  We are not.  Neither are others.  And no one, no country or government, has cause to call us out on it.  Nor should they be allowed to do so.

That state continues, with asymmetric warfare being just that.  War.  It remains without care, because it is what it is.  But it is political now.  It was then, but memories fade.  That is what we see now in the release of reports pertaining to abuse and torture at Guantanamo, or at any other “CIA Black Sites.”

I grew up sipping Faygo in Middle-‘Merica as a young child.  I had apple-pie, red white and blue, and coveted my elders as survivors of yes, the great war.  Compared to any other demographic, watching Dee-Troit baseball while growing up, or Red Wings hockey with Micky Redmond, was never supposed to be any indictment.  Yet it is, these days.  Alright.

No matter what anyone else says, we remain, as Americans, exceptional.  We have the longest-running constitutional republic in recorded history.  We have problems.  We have division and debate.  But we remain American.  And that, deserves to be protected. Respected.

Now, is the time to roll up your sleeves.  Be exceptional.  Pass me my Orange Faygo.