UPDATED: State files for court order to force quarantine.


Maine Governor’s patience wears thin, CDC Obola flunky Kaci Hickox slapped with quarantine order:




And a Democratic Judge then reverses himself:

(Judge)LaVerdiere, who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maine and a law degree from the UMaine School of Law, was appointed district court judge in 2003 by former Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat and then reappointed in 2010 to a second 7-year term.

Before that, he was an attorney in Wilton in Franklin County and a three-term Democratic state representative from 1996-2002. He also previously served on the board of trustees of Franklin County Hospital.

More or less, the order previously issued remains, but is modified to allow Hickox freedom to travel.  Ok.  We see this often from our judiciary – LaVerdiere “split the baby,” as they say, and compromised.  In his pronouncement, Judge LaVerdiere went on to say:

“(Hickox) should understand that the court is fully aware of the misconceptions, misinformation, bad science and bad information being spread from shore to shore in our country with respect to Ebola,” the judge wrote. “The court is fully aware that people are acting out of fear and that this fear is not entirely rational.

“However, whether that fear is rational or not, it is present and it is real. (Hickox’s) actions at this point, as a health care professional, need to demonstrate her full understanding of human nature and the real fear that exists.

“She should guide herself accordingly.”

Hell yes people are afraid – this problem, Ebola, has a more than 50% mortality rate.  This is not the flu.  In other news, we learn that Canada, following Australia, effectively closes its borders to West Africans and those who have traveled from West Africa.  With exceptions.  I suppose they acted irrationally?

David Soley, one of Hickox’s attorney, called LaVerdiere’s oral decision, “very beautiful and moving.”

Pass me a tissue.  I think I’m tearing up…. .

Give me a break.

I understand it is said that Ebola is not transmitted from an asymptomatic carrier.  But wait for the next nurse Hickox to appear, stamp her feet, whine about personal liberty, challenge the system with some political agenda – and then actually come down with Ebola.  After possibly infecting how many others.

Ebola “Update”

pc-140906-ebola-liberia-mn-1050_f3a0febfd3e2fd689b919385c5d00a81…Yes, because so many others are covering it;  This is an issue you need to think about.

The CDC and WHO continue to study it, and fear that we will have more cases than they can handle, soon.  They do not publicly say so though.

I get it, the headline is the nurse who traipses around on her bike, or whatever,  She exercises her right to come and go.  God bless America.  She has an agenda though.  That is certain.  There will come a time though when we do not have that luxury.  Agendas won’t matter.  Set politics aside.

Enough.  She is not symptomatic.  Probably does not carry Ebola.  That should not keep us from focusing on what really matters:  Close the borders.  Enforce quarantines.  We have precedent to do so.

I hope I am wrong.

Ebola, can’t be aerosolized you say?

Ebola-Virus-Word-ShapesI feel so much better.  Whew:

The potential of aerogenic infection by Ebola virus was established by using a head-only exposure aerosol system. Virus-containing droplets of 0.8-1.2 microns were generated and administered into the respiratory tract of rhesus monkeys via inhalation. Inhalation of viral doses as low as 400 plaque-forming units of virus caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days. The illness was clinically identical to that reported for parenteral virus inoculation, except for the occurrence of subcutaneous and venipuncture site bleeding and serosanguineous nasal discharge. Immunocytochemistry revealed cell-associated Ebola virus antigens present in airway epithelium, alveolar pneumocytes, and macrophages in the lung and pulmonary lymph nodes; extracellular antigen was present on mucosal surfaces of the nose, oropharynx and airways. Aggregates of characteristic filamentous virus were present within type I pneumocytes, macrophages, and air spaces of the lung by electron microscopy. Demonstration of fatal aerosol transmission of this virus in monkeys reinforces the importance of taking appropriate precautions to prevent its potential aerosol transmission to humans.

No, I really don’t feel better.

And reports from the Pentagon’s Operation United Assistance, the Pentagon’s aid program, document problems:


Updated: Doctor in New York City Is Sick With Ebola


(Image, nbcnewyork.com)

…and then, feeling fatigued, goes bowling.

“He did not have a stage of disease that creates a risk of contagiousness on the subway,” Dr. Mary Bassett, the city health commissioner, said. “We consider it extremely unlikely, the probability being close to nil, that there will be any problem related to his taking the subway system.”

Still, out of an abundance of caution, officials said, the bowling alley in Williamsburg that he visited, the Gutter, was closed on Thursday night, and a scheduled concert there, part of the CMJ music festival, was canceled. Health workers were scheduled to visit the alley on Friday.

So, the chances are nil.  But lets close the businesses he went to.  Cancel events.  And send the health workers in.

The good doctor should have laid low upon his return from west Africa.

Fatigue is a symptom, is it not?

UPDATE:  Relatives of the good doctor cry foul as he is criticized.  I call BS.  You were in West Africa and thus at high risk.  You felt unusually fatigued on Tuesday last week.  Then you traipsed around potentially placing who knows how many at risk.  No need to leap to the man’s defense – I’m glad he was there.  But common sense man.

Top Iranian Official: Obama is ‘The Weakest of U.S. Presidents’


Yup.  Even Iran gets it. 

“Americans witnessed their greatest defeats in Obama’s era: Terrorism expanded, [the] U.S. had huge defeats under Obama [and] that is why they want to compromise with Iran,” Younesi said.

The criticism of Obama echoes comments made recently by other world leaders and even former members of the president’s own staff, such as Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Younesi, a former minister of intelligence in the country, also had some harsh comments about U.S. conservatives and the state of Israel.

“Conservatives are war mongers, they cannot tolerate powers like Iran,” he said. “If conservatives were in power they would go to war with us because they follow Israel and they want to portray Iran as the main threat and not ISIS.”



God Bless Canada.

1414099945723_Image_galleryImage_Dogs_peek_out_from_under_(Image, AP)

I have many memories of Canada.  Growing up in the Detroit area, traveling to Windsor, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, camping, fishing, canoeing in the great Canadian wilds… .  Unlike our southern neighbor, they don’t have cartel wars, their masses don’t clamor to cross our borders, and their leaders don’t slam whatever measures some here may take to address their failures.

Canada is like the uncle you actually like to see at Thanksgiving dinner.  Dependable.  Calm.  Stable.

They also have a realistic take on domestic terrorism.  They don’t call events there over the last week “workplace violence.”  They don’t hedge on comments related to that terror.   They tell it like it is.

Our current administration should take note.  Wait, I forgot: Obama is irrelevant.

Two more years of this nonsense.








Ebola Survivor Ashoka Mukpo Speaks to NBC News

ebola transfer

Yay!  Were in the Clear!  Not.  Sorry to be a pessimist.

Yes, efforts thrown against the current outbreak in West Africa will make a difference.  A small difference.  Maybe.  Or not.

But we are not in the clear.  Not by a long shot.

We are going to see a resurgence of all of this all winter.  One breakout after another.  I hope to holy-hell I am wrong.

Given this disease, we are in this for the long-haul.  You and I, in our lifetimes, can count on getting this.  Take care of yourselves, prepare your loved-ones.  I hope I am wrong.  [adjusts tin-foil hat].