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Updated: Doctor in New York City Is Sick With Ebola


(Image, nbcnewyork.com)

…and then, feeling fatigued, goes bowling.

“He did not have a stage of disease that creates a risk of contagiousness on the subway,” Dr. Mary Bassett, the city health commissioner, said. “We consider it extremely unlikely, the probability being close to nil, that there will be any problem related to his taking the subway system.”

Still, out of an abundance of caution, officials said, the bowling alley in Williamsburg that he visited, the Gutter, was closed on Thursday night, and a scheduled concert there, part of the CMJ music festival, was canceled. Health workers were scheduled to visit the alley on Friday.

So, the chances are nil.  But lets close the businesses he went to.  Cancel events.  And send the health workers in.

The good doctor should have laid low upon his return from west Africa.

Fatigue is a symptom, is it not?

UPDATE:  Relatives of the good doctor cry foul as he is criticized.  I call BS.  You were in West Africa and thus at high risk.  You felt unusually fatigued on Tuesday last week.  Then you traipsed around potentially placing who knows how many at risk.  No need to leap to the man’s defense – I’m glad he was there.  But common sense man.