Ebola “Update”

pc-140906-ebola-liberia-mn-1050_f3a0febfd3e2fd689b919385c5d00a81…Yes, because so many others are covering it;  This is an issue you need to think about.

The CDC and WHO continue to study it, and fear that we will have more cases than they can handle, soon.  They do not publicly say so though.

I get it, the headline is the nurse who traipses around on her bike, or whatever,  She exercises her right to come and go.  God bless America.  She has an agenda though.  That is certain.  There will come a time though when we do not have that luxury.  Agendas won’t matter.  Set politics aside.

Enough.  She is not symptomatic.  Probably does not carry Ebola.  That should not keep us from focusing on what really matters:  Close the borders.  Enforce quarantines.  We have precedent to do so.

I hope I am wrong.

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