2 thoughts on “Sean Groubert, South Carolina State Trooper, Fired & Arrested”

  1. The Ohio Walmart shooting video was indicative of a shoot first, ask questions later mentality bred by the number one goal of the cops being to go home unharmed at the end of the shift. The cops must feel they are in a war zone; Fallujah Iraq, perhaps? When the patrol arrives on scene, having only the info fed to him by the operator, and responds with deadly force without personally assessing the scenario, innocent people die. The cop had the draw on this man and could have established control of the “suspect” without placing anyone’s life in danger. Instead, he shot as soon as he caught sight of the man with the “gun” standing in the isle. The cop shooter and the 911 caller who set up this bad shooting are equally culpable for this death in my opinion.


    1. I agree all around. The callers “omg a gun” report, the Leo’s red state without active assessment, and the guy with the air gun, no common sense there. I see that in the pet food isle, I know if “shooter” is a threat or not.


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