Kenneth Wakefield….

….gouges out his own eye, cuts off hand, decapitates wife and family pet.

150802-kenneth-wakefield_31dfcaf6ea0952af3b2b80588bd276cb.nbcnews-fp-360-360Somehow, I think I would give this guy the insanity defense.

A good case for the return of the asylum…. .


One+Flew+Over+The+Cuckoo%2527s+Nest+2A good movie –

Randy-Quaid-as-Larry-Meadows-in-The-Last-DetailAnother good movie, with Nicholson and Randy Quaid.  Very early.


Windows 10. A review from a non-tech guy.

Windows_10_HeroI like it.  Though, like many software companies, Microsoft offers something for free but with a catch – they will want to track you.  All of what you do, from what I see.

Apparently – you never know for sure – gone is the Windows 8 start menu – where you would click on the Windows icon at the lower left hand of the screen and be taken to an app screen apart from your desktop.  That’s the big change most users will see.

windows-10-start-menu-orange-640x353The new start menu is more like the old, which is welcome for this user, who has been using Windows forever.  Since the beginning.  And, I don’t have a tablet which is the interface Microsoft has been migrating towards, understandably so.

Finally, FIL will stop being a curmudgeon and can have his start menu back.  But you have to make some changes – the new menu is like the old, but it contains app icons too.  But you can get rid of and change those.

The bigger issue though – On privacy, Microsoft says as follows:

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