Beretta 92 Un-boxing. Re-post.


A re-post, as I have little time for blogging these days, but love this old Beretta…. .



Well, the holidays are over of course.  Things have settled down, somewhat.  So, I had a chance to break out a new addition to the collection:

A brand-new old Beretta 92s.

Saw the ad just before the holidays at Palmetto State Armory.  This is an old design: its heavy, has fixed sights, slippery grips and an inconvenient magazine release.  Ok.  But it’s still elegant.  At just around 300 dollars – how can one go wrong?  The listing said to expect holster wear, luck of the draw, etc.  Why not.

Had a friend who carried variants of the 92 in battle tell me that the ones he had rattled like a can fulla marbles.  This one does not.  Good deal.  He seemed in love.  Though he said he would go .45 over 9 anytime.  Another story for another day.   Not my story either.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery little holster wear.  The slide, locked back or not, is very tight.  No rattle whatsoever.  That’s good.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANote the armory markings on the frame.  A call to Beretta confirmed these were Italian police trade-ins and could not be looked up by serial on their website for date.  These markings indicate this particular piece was manufactured in 2004? – pretty good.  I expected something much older for sure.


IMG_1120Rifling looks good.  Very little wear on the feed ramp too.  My thought is this – I am not sure how often Italian police would have to qualify with their weapon, but I’m going to guess its not very often.  Could be this particular example saw very little use.

Gotta be cleaned up, but I think we got a good one.  I like to take old(er) guns, re-blue them, refinish stocks, etc., and thought for sure we were going to get a dog here.  My plan was to have it sent out to be cerakoted, because again, why not.  But I think this one will just be left as is.

For the price, you could get them by the crate and arm your very own Polizia di Stato:

Now to get to the range…. .  If I could only get away from work.