Memorial Day.

And, items left at the Wall:

Obama on Orlando… .

Islam Obama 6.12.16
So, some notes from Obama’s speech at about 1:00 pm cst;
—- met with director Comey, full resources of, still waiting on facts.  no definitive judgment on precise motivation.
—person filled with hatred.  we will go where the facts lead us.
—talked about LGBT groups, and that they should be supported.  values of equality, dignity, etc.
— shooter was armed with an assault rifle.  a reminder how easy it is for someone to get a weapon.  We have to decide if that’s the kind of county we want to live in… .  (He’s said this a lot in the past).
—-we need to demonstrate we are  more as a country.  (Read, more executive orders….).
— we will stand united to take action against those that would harm us… .
The speech starts at about 56 minutes or so.
No mention of terror, or Islam.   Of course.
Just in the last hour or so, it was reported in popular media that the shooter called 9-11 and pledged allegiance to radical Islam, to ISIS.  It was also said that the killer was shouting “Allah Akbar” during his standoff and attack.
Just another opportunity for Obama to blame guns and guns only.