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Chris Johnson arrested on misdemeanor gun charge.

Chris Johnson?  Ah yes.  Football.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Getty Images.

…for “open carry of a firearm.”  Maybe his longest carry of the season?  Maybe with the Jets record this year he thought the extra D was necessary…. .

In any event, in Florida, concealed carry good – with a permit.  Even without a permit in your car or other circumstances, so long as done right.  Open carry bad.  Consenting to any search of your person, vehicle, or home, at any time, worse.

Lesson?  Know your states laws if you are going to carry.  Comprehensively.  Be aware, certain municipalities have – or had – different rules which may, or may not be legal (Not).  Get a permit, if you can.  And finally,

Never consent to search.  Never.  Not even to the “Slap and Search.”  M’Kay?

A great video here on the topic of SHHH.  Watch it. 


Ht; GunWatch.