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Do you think if we had any foreign policy, that the Malaysian airline crash in the Ukraine could of been avoided?


I wrote this about a month ago and held it as I did not want to be too political here.   I may have been short-sighted, and just felt that the piece needed more work.  It does.  I do feel though that ISIS, Ukraine, Gaza/Israel, and much more is on the back burner with this Administration.  More to the point, Obama is completely occupied with his own agenda to effectively address current events.  Read, Foreign Policy.  I don’t think he has the intellect, or ability. He does not have a policy.  So, I throw this mess out there for discussion. I remain convinced that yes, we are held in one spot, ham strung, by Obama.

And he admitted it too:



Seeing the destruction, the disorganization, and the death from that debacle really bothered me this evening though.  Modern technology really brought all of that right to our faces.  Even if we did not want to see it.  We have seen civ airlines shot down before, many times – mostly known only in history by my memory.

Obama and his weak diplomacy are to blame.  Directly so, I would argue.  Obama can be blamed for this Malaysian shoot-down.  We have had other shoot-downs of the sort in the past, for one reason or another, and the US has shot down private US carriers too, sadly.

Why would we care about some far-away terrible thing?  Because I think the US would have had much more influence over that Ukraine problem far away with a stronger foreign policy?  For sure.  Because Putin, for all that the left-wing media would poo-poo the issue, is a problem.

I will say it again – Obama is to blame for the Malasian airline shoot-down over Ukraine.  He has no foreign policy.  None.  What has John Kerry said during the last 24 hours?  Little to nothing.  Obama himself was late to the game.  But it is a game he does not know.  Is this part of some strategy on the part of the current admin?  Not so far as I can see.  As has been said in popular media – which is worth little, though the consensus is as such – where is our president?  Golfing.  Fundraising.  This Malaysian tragedy is just a glimpse.

Specifically though, I see this:

If Obama had a set, he would have put Putin in his place along time ago – totally cutting Russia off from all our credit markets five months ago would have been a start.  Then, throw all Russian nationals out of the country.  That would have been a message right out of the gate.

Obama does not and will not have the balls to do any of that.  Anyway, to continue;

Fully implement a plan to develop pipelines/energy in Europe, and see out contracts with others that are with us.  Subsidize pipelines and energy storage in Poland, Germany, France, England, etc.  Do the same domestically – build that pipeline from Alaska to Louisanna.  Russia will once again go away.  They would.  Obama, the current administration, they will not play that card.

Executive orders up the wazoo – not for central american immigration, but for foreign energy infrastructure ( our own too ), for getting that up – make these allies pay for it; the Canadians, Brits, French, even the Mexicans, and most of western europe would be with us on this. Full support to Ukraine from the outset on energy supply – they need nat gas from Russia, well, the Americans can provide it:  full on and through western Europe, not Russia.  You need nat gas, you got it.  Get it to them.  We could do it, and make money doing it too.

Tell Putin we will do this and can.  And do it.  Let him know that if he does not back down, we will go forward, and do all we can to ruin him and his cronies.  Remind him we are Americans.  Does he think we can’t get him on these markets? That we cannot get Europe to go with us on energy issues, that they will just sit back?  China, a wild-card, always an issue, but they are due for their collapse.

This type of planning, good or bad, right or wrong, does not exist with the current Administration.  Not that I see.

Thank God for the next election.  Not sorry to say it.  NSA be dammed.