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We Rock!

I was looking at something on-line today, something I stumbled into.  The details of the USS Pueblo.  A still-commissioned USN ship held hostage by the Norks.


USS Pueblo Docked on Taedong River


I then transitioned into cryptography, looking at some of the equipment these guys of the Pueblo would have likely had to try to ditch, or disable.


What I am struck by, reminded of, the technology we used then, and likely use now – today’s tech is undoubtedly more advanced.  I am sure we don’t use wheels in cryptography machines.  Software is used now.

We were way in advance of what the Norks used then, or perhaps the Russians used.  We used (maybe) unbreakable cryptography for decades after WWII.  There were breaks in security.  For a long time.  It was not, perhaps, until the Pueblo was captured that others had any idea of how we communicate.

Here’s the thing; Isis, hamas, iran, or many other bad-actors can threaten us today.  But we have made use of advanced equipment and algorithims for a long time, when they were riding camels and striking tents in the desert.

We cannot rely only on technology alone, and must be vigilant.  But take heart in our current systems.  Trust that there are some perhaps in government that are doing their jobs.  Maybe.  Trust our ingenuity.  Yes, obama admitted today he has no strategy regarding isis.  More on that later.

At least the story of the USS Pueblo is interesting in itself.

Did I mention that we put an SUV on mars recently?  Who else did that?  No one.