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Broadcastify, through RadioReference.

Untitled…allows you to listen to live scanner traffic in most places:


And then, if you have your own scanner/radio and want to obtain frequencies:


I recommend subscribing to their database service, which is regularly updated and maintained – especially for digital programming and trunked systems!

Particularly if you have software to help…. .

sixspot software.


Discone Antenna

Installed a discone antenna on my roof a few weekends ago – I had a lot of help from my FIL:

photo 3(2)
Bracketing and drip loop.



photo 2(3)
Antenna, mast, coaxial and ground cables all installed.
photo 1(4)
The antenna itself.

I later took it down, as we had some frightening lightning storms roll through over the week after this antenna went up.  I had yet to install a ground on the coaxial, and did not want the house to burn down in the event of any lightning strike.  Perhaps I was overly-concerned.  Maybe not.

I did receive significant improvement in signals – I could pick up four counties instead of just two.  This antenna was connected to a hand-held Uniden Trunk-Tracker scanner.

Get into ham radio – it is fun, and you can learn much.  As well, you can keep in touch with those you care most about.

I am looking forward to getting some better cable, and if I put the antenna back up, will improve my grounding – not just a rod, but a system.

The only thing I would add is that RadioShack discones are not very sturdy.  The Nylon base of the whip cracked while the antenna was in storage – not even exposed to the weather outdoors.

When talking about grounding systems, reference is often made to multiple ground rods connected together, and certainly a ground on the coaxial, often to the house ground itself.  The key is keeping energy out.  Lightning is not your friend.

…the cracked nylon base. This antenna was only up for about two weeks…