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American Exceptionalist

uncle+sam+U.S.+tax+evasionI am aware, some feel we are supposed to be outraged by recent revelations that excessive force, torture, or worse was wrought on bad-actors in our war on terror.  After all, that is not the American Way, right?  Apple Pie and all?

I am not shocked.  I am not surprised.  Ultimately, I really don’t care.  This recent report on our counter terror efforts, it was bi-partisan and biased.  It is inflated.

We’ve used these interrogation tactics for a long while, and they were reported long ago.  I will and can provide links.  In the context of recent reports, I am surprised at the backlash.  We are to ignore and do nothing about our heads stuck on pikes, being decapitated, or US Citizens being offered DNA of their children for bounty?

Apparently, we are supposed to simply absorb terror attacks.  Let malcontents – tin-horn terrorists come to mind, but with modern tech ten years later that will come closer to home that will harm more – kill 3k Americans on 9-11, scores more since, and should just get over it.  We are told we should ignore it.  Be exceptional. What became of American Exceptionalism, I am asked.

No.  No we should not ignore it.  The torture, the misery, the lack of due process, or whatever.  No.  But don’t call us unexceptional.  I still shed nothing for those that would seek to do us harm.  Be aware of the political popular mantra.

War has not changed.  In the past, we firebombed Dresden, nuked Nagasaki, or flew into Cambodia during Vietnam.  After world War II – and during – countless atrocities were perpetrated by the Axis and Allies, US forces to boot.  Yes.  So what?  Many tragic atrocities abound, and terrible things these were.  That is the case of that.  Of War. We are supposed to be more civilized now, according to many.  We are not.  Neither are others.  And no one, no country or government, has cause to call us out on it.  Nor should they be allowed to do so.

That state continues, with asymmetric warfare being just that.  War.  It remains without care, because it is what it is.  But it is political now.  It was then, but memories fade.  That is what we see now in the release of reports pertaining to abuse and torture at Guantanamo, or at any other “CIA Black Sites.”

I grew up sipping Faygo in Middle-‘Merica as a young child.  I had apple-pie, red white and blue, and coveted my elders as survivors of yes, the great war.  Compared to any other demographic, watching Dee-Troit baseball while growing up, or Red Wings hockey with Micky Redmond, was never supposed to be any indictment.  Yet it is, these days.  Alright.

No matter what anyone else says, we remain, as Americans, exceptional.  We have the longest-running constitutional republic in recorded history.  We have problems.  We have division and debate.  But we remain American.  And that, deserves to be protected. Respected.

Now, is the time to roll up your sleeves.  Be exceptional.  Pass me my Orange Faygo.