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Where Does It Stop?

376001ad192a6aec06a18777ccb8b70aFrom the TruthAboutGuns:

The idea that someone could have their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms violated due to his association with a certain group the police deem “unsavory” is more than a little unsettling. I’m sure that no one would argue that getting guns out of the hands of members of a street gang such as the Bloods would be a good idea. But when that definition begins to expand to include groups that the cops simply don’t like, well, you can see where this might be heading.

If the cops suddenly consider the NRA a terrorist organization (as the NY Daily News desperately wants) then under this same logic they could begin confiscating the firearms of every NRA member in their jurisdiction. Where does it stop?

Answer:  It doesn’t.



Police ‘Likely’ to Destroy 6.5 Tons Of Ammo From Palisades Home

A collection of guns found at Jeffrey Lash’s home. (Twitter/KTLA)

Sheesh.  Only in California.  Help yourself to the dead man’s personal property, toss all the guns on a tarp on the ground.


See, the guns and ammo – and anything else owned by the deceased – belong to his estate.  Not The State.

Even if there are no heirs, you still have to go through probate.  Or not – the deceased lived with a fiance apparently for many years.  She could have simply taken possession of the collection so long as no other heir objected.

Even if the dead was an eccentric odd-ball, California has no legal precedent that I am aware of to simply go in and plunder.  But here, they are.