Don’t Get Out of the Car. UPDATE

bildeFrom the Detroit Free Press:

Derek Flemming’s widow says her husband was only trying to protect her and others when he stepped out of their SUV earlier this week at a traffic light near Howell to confront another motorist — only to be shot dead.

Road rage is always unnecessary, but once this man left his car, he made a very poor choice.

UPDATE:  The shooter states through his attorney that they will claim self-defense.  That should be quite a feat.  Glad I don’t have to bear that top-hat and cane. 


(Image/ Detroit Free Press)


Golden silk orb-weaver

Sounds really nice.  Until you get one on your face:

Above my head on hiking trail
Still not far enough away.

IMG_0350IMG_0347Reportedly, they are tasty:

In the South Pacific, females of N. maculata are induced to build webs on bamboo frames, which are then used as fish nets. The natives also relish the gravid females as a protein supplement, eating them either raw or roasted. Different reports say that the flavor is somewhat like mixed raw potato and lettuce mixed, or nutty flavored like peanut butter with a sticky consistency (Robinson and Robinson 1976).

I’ll take mine with Raid please.

Clara the Dog. …

Clara the Dog.….did what dogs often do; slipped its leash.  And did – some report – start fighting with another dog (perhaps).  And then is stabbed to death by some nut-job in a pet store.

Charges are being considered against the knife-wielding spaz, and could have merit.  Media reports indicate that the man threatened the dog well-before his deed.  It is worth considering that Clara was assessed by an expert as part of the adoption process and was found to be adoptable, but not to a home with other pets.  These breeds are often not recommended for homes with other pets in any event.  As well, it could be argued given the man’s demeanor during his attack, he was not in fear for his safety or the safety of his own pet.  Appropriate advice to him is to not talk to anyone about his actions.

There is a lesson in this – train your dogs well, and mind your own reactions and presence of mind when working with your dog.  Dogs are influenced largely by the excitement, attitudes, and body language of all around them.  Of course you cannot trust others to do the same (reference nut-job spaz above), which is why we avoid dog-parks and crowded pet stores.  Not because of our pit-bull mix, but because of other irresponsible and oblivious dog owners.

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