Chicago “Cloud Gate”

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Always an interesting subject for photography.

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…Though it needs a cleaning.


FlaGunBlog has to have something about guns, right? Here ya go…. .

Went to a nice range in Jacksonville Florida recently some time ago…. .  Actually, Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club.

Their Website:

Did not want to hat-tip them specifically, but they have a nice set up.  Go check out your own local ranges, or them.

We were shooting a friend’s Socom M1.  Here we are set up and ready to go:

photo 1(2)photo 1(1)Boom!  Anyway, here is my target at ~50 yards.  I am not a very good shot:

photo 3(1)

The M1 did not like softpoints:

photo 2(1)

My FIL did a little better (Edit- he may very well be watching – a lot better):

photo 2And me at ~100 yards:


photo 3Lesson:  The M1 was heavy and expensive to run these days – but I still want one.  Why not?  If you can’t score one via any private market, go to CMP – and you don’t need a souped-up socom to have fun and shoot:

Check them out.  Or not.

Ebola: This Guy Has it Right.


Ebola-496366Over at NFO… .

My wife met me at the door today, to tell me the news.  I already knew it.

We now have a case of Ebola, in our country, here not because “we” brought it here as part of any humanitarian crisis.  He apparently flew here.  Lax boarders.  We used to take measures, at Ellis Island.

This is a problem.  Thank god this present patient has all the care that can be given.  He will likely live.  For how long… .


Don’t comply, and you’ll be hurting.


So, you excercise your rights, and it does not matter:

I have to wonder, other officers, when they learn of these sorts of incidents, are they disappointed?  Do they feel that one bad cop makes all the others get a bad rap?


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