Arizona Police Shoot Dog.

….not so sure if justified.

Interesting, one one hand you could, if you were dog-fearful and a LEO, justify such a shooting.   On the other, some restraint could be called for.   I have such a dog, and she would likely do the same, or similar thing.  But that is one reason I really don’t let her simply hang out in the yard by herself.

7 thoughts on “Arizona Police Shoot Dog.”

  1. Truth be told, the dog was not on attack mode. But I know that because I have been around dogs since I was three months old. I also understand that most people, including cops, cannot read a dog and much less how to avoid being attacked by one. Shootings like this will unfortunately continue.
    Dog ownership nowaday is more about having a surrogate child than actually having a working dog and people expect dogs to behave like barking babies rather than tamed descendants of wolves.


    1. Yeah, agreed. My dog, trained up the wazoo, as I want to have control over her, and for her safety. I have to wonder, and have been in a situation or two where I have had to make that call, “ that dog on the attack”. Its a difficult call. I have always concluded no, no threat. And that was, what it was. Dog growling, running around, etc., but it did not attack. But, while walking my dog, carrying too, I have had a pack of dogs run up on us. It was frightening, but, dealt with, with an understanding of that pack mentality. I would not trust LEO to bother with that. To know that information. Not to their discredit, but, it would be nice. Comes down to this; dogs are a tough call for LEO. the dog can be a big flower, but, the LEO doesn’t know that.


  2. Just another trigger happy goon looking for his big chance to shoot his gun “in the line of duty” and try to kill something or some one.. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DUTY TO THOSE WHO PAY HIS FREAKING SALARY? WE DESERVE MORE FOR OUR MONEY THAN THIS!


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