Friday Link Roundup.

Just a Horse. Because.

So, apparently, most die with nothing.   Born with nada, die with nada. I see this a lot.

Backed out of the Paris agreement, did’ja?  good.

Bill Wier says he’ll fight for his tree.   Doubt it.  Seriously doubt it.

Ahhh!!!  Its the Russians don’cha know!:

We now have a fake president.   So.  Have we entered the Matrix then?   Red pill, Blue pill?  Covfefe?

Ah, yes.   Kathy Griffin (kathy who?).   Re-energizing a dead career.   Hmm.

More Russians.   This time, they hid Wisconsin.   Lol.

And, (are you tired yet?  I am, of this…) Hillary blames everyone but herself:

Locally, no, not my backyard, but hey!  Watch for Snakes!!:

Read this, and understand sacrifice:

And finally, convfefe!

And 17 years, today.   Thank you to my significant other.   I don’t know how we did it, but, we did.  I love you.

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