Oh the Humanity! (Democrats are Evil). Still.

The “Mainstream Media” has really gone off the rails…. .

Trump has unquestionable authority to fire the FBI director.  This is not obstruction.  It is not collusion.   There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump, or his campaign, welcomed Russian meddling in the election.

He can have all the ice cream he wants, as far as I care.  Who the hell to these idiots think they are?

You want to talk about cozying up to the Russians?   Ever hear of Uranium One?  How about “I’ll have more flexibility after the elections”?

One can go farther back to see Democrats and their wrong-doing.

The hypocrisy is absolutely amazing.   Requesting special prosecutors?  Not so long ago the Democrats themselves villainized Comey.   We watched Comey at a press conference last year – July 5th – tell the world that Clinton acted “recklessly,” though she should have been indicted.   Give me a break.

Its going to be a constant din of unfounded allegations against Trump, that he is unbalanced, unstable, and not fit for office.   And, when Democrats see an opening, they will seek his removal.   You watch.

This is, as others have said, a silent coup.

Unbelievable and disgusting.



And more:

With all that is going on in the world, this is what Time considers newsworthy, and not to better inform us about Mr. Trump, but to try to ridicule and belittle him. If you can stand it, gentle readers, take the link and read the rest. Remember: these are the people who think they’re smarter and better than we deplorables, who think themselves uniquely qualified to tell us what to think and how to live.

They really can’t imagine why fewer and fewer Americans are ignoring them

And still more:


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