A Complete Moron.

That is the meme circling right now.

Trump is not a moron.   He is not establishment either, and that, is something that left-media cannot wrap their hands around.

Boy, how easy it is to disparage, make fun of, and otherwise sully the character and office of the President if the United States.

The guy goes out on a big first foreign outing, where he by all means, early on, stands upright and represents our country well, and MSM runs these titles as AF1 departs:




Democrats are really tearing our country down.   Doing damage.   If you have not already started a discussion of this in your own circles, do so.   Support the office, if not the man.   Action, well, action in support of the Republican party, that’s difficult, as even “establishment” Republicans soil the office.

But a phone is a powerful tool.

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