Troubled Times…. .

Call them, the Comey Memos.   If Comey writes a self-serving CYA purportingly implicating Trump on what-not, well…

I want all of his memos then.   All.  Of.  Them.

And, I will say this:  Trump fired Comey for good reason.   For incompetence.   The media will take all of this as an affront to democracy.   Hold on.   They work hand and glove with anyone that would that take the Trump presidency down.   Period.

Screw these establishment democrats.

I’m not a big Trump supporter.   At times, I am astounded by his buffoonery.   Oh yes, I voted for him, as the alternative would be much worse.  I still have my Trump Pence sign up.   Sorry.   Not.

I am more than equally astounded by democrats that seek his demise.   The democrats, they are killing us.   They are undermining our Republic.   They need to be stopped.

Trump is more than qualified to lead our country.   Not perfect, by any means.  But, I am more than pissed at those that seek to take him down.

Bad bad times.