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Library. And Old Weapons.

Long ago, I was a librarian.   Something to be said for the smell of old dusty books.   Not used so much any more.   Most research is on-line.   I think the last time I updated my physical Florida Statutes was…. .   I donno.   Some time ago.

In any event, I had a chance to visit an interesting library not too long ago.   The oldest continuously operating library in Florida.   Since 1886.

Apparently, and we discovered this most by accident, the library has an extensive weapons collection.   Left to the library by a local businessman to satisfy a debt to the city, the collection includes a lot of weaponry – apparently, they are not replicas.   The weapons are old.   Reportedly, no problems with some who may want to steal them.

Apparently, their provenance is documented.   There was a guide on-site that identified them:

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